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    14 Cheat Sheets For Anyone Who Hates Laundry But Does It Anyway

    :: refuses to do laundry until the last pair of underwear ::

    Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

    1. If you hate all the confusing settings on your washer:

    2. If you grieve your lost socks:

    Get tips to help make laundry with kids easier on Life Creatively Organized.

    3. If you dread the time it takes to hang clothes so you just don't:

    HOW have I never tried this?

    From Keep It Simple DIY.

    4. If ironing and static are the banes of your existence:

    5. If you detest clothes with confusing symbols on their tags:

    Alice Mongkongllite / BuzzFeed

    Download a printable version to hang in your laundry room here.

    6. If you cry a little when you have mud all over your pants:

    Pre-treating with a detergent — any detergent, not just Tide, of course — can be more effective than a pre-treatment spray on stains that you think wouldn't come out.

    Get the how-to in more detail from Tide.

    7. If the stench of bleach fries your nose for days:

    More info at

    This works for sheets and pillows, too.

    From Web 4 Retail.

    8. If you fuss when stain remover doesn't get that grease stain:

    Lauren Zaser / Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    Read more about each of these formulas here.

    9. If yellow pits on white shirts drive you up the wall:

    You don't need a laundry brush though — just use a toothbrush (or your fingers, although you'd want to wear a rubber glove if you did that). It'd also work on yellow collars. Read more on WhoWhatWear.

    10. If you buy an outfit you love but you're terrified it'll shrink:

    Read more on SheKnows.

    11. If you wish your pants would just stay on the dang hanger:

    12. If you dream about clean-sheets-day every day:

    13. If the idea of folding a fitted sheet makes you cry, but you're going to try anyway: / Via

    Folding it on a flat surface (like, a bed) > folding it with your arms up in the air.

    Get the full tutorial on Angela Says, or if you don't want to fold, check out Printable Crush's strategy to make sheet-wadding look neat.

    14. And if you're too busy for laundry and proud of it:

    Same, though.

    Download this printable (to hang up in your laundry room) at In My Studio.

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