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    23 Products Under $10 That'll Actually Improve Your Kitchen

    Organizers and gadgets galore — that won't break the bank!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A handheld knife sharpener so you can finally stop dicing your veggies with a frustratingly dull knife.

    2. An organizer rack ready to sort out almost anything you need it to: from pots to pot lids to baking sheets to cutting boards.

    3. A wire shelf to double up your storage space anywhere you need to store small things, like under your sink, in your freezer, and yes, in your cabinets.

    4. An avocado slicer perfect for making quick avocado toast for breakfast, even on days when you're running a little late.

    5. A stair-step shelf you can slide in anywhere you want instant, easy access to spices, canned goods, medicine, and more.

    6. Or a set of 30 adhesive spice grips to make it easy to set up a spice rack basically anywhere that's most convenient to you.

    7. A durable pair of kitchen shears you'll reach for again and again to trim chicken and open tough packages.

    8. A simple bench scraper — it's hands-down the quickest, easiest way to transfer everything from your cutting board to your sauté pan without dropping a single diced veggie.

    9. A set of two brightly-colored silicone ice cube trays because you're tired of buying new ice cube trays that just break on you after a few months of use.

    10. A cute elephant holder happy to pitch in with everything: from holding reusable straws to helping regular old cutlery dry by draining the extra water out of the front of his trunk.

    11. A towel rack that screws directly into your cabinets so you can conveniently dry your hands and dishes but still keep your towels out of sight.

    12. A handheld spiralizer you can use to turn sweet potatoes, zucchini, and even carrots into delicious low-carb noodles.

    13. A chrome over-the-door basket — it will finally organize your plastic container lids once and for all.

    14. A dishwasher indicator to ensure you never load dirty dishes into a clean dishwasher ever again... or accidentally put away dirty but impeccably well-rinsed dishes with the clean ones.

    15. A durable non-slip silverware tray that keeps pieces of silverware in place, so they don't slide around every time you open the drawer.

    16. A mini colander made for those recipes that call for ~drained and rinsed~ cans of beans, fruit, or whatever.

    17. A set of three flexible cutting mats you can permanently designate to different tasks: one for meat and poultry, one for fish, and one for veggies.

    18. A 12-inch lazy Susan turntable easy enough to slide into a cabinet or your fridge or onto a pantry shelf so you can always find the particular condiment or bottle you're looking for in that very moment.

    19. A set of plastic knives that your aspiring Master Chef will love if they like to help with cooking but are kinda scared of (or just plain too young for) regular chef's knives.

    20. A dish drying rack that fits directly over the sink so you don't have to think about losing counter space to wet dishes for even one minute.

    21. A sponge caddy for your double sink, so whether you use a sponge, steel wool, a smiling Scrub Daddy, or some combination of the three, they're convenient to reach for and can always dry out completely.

    22. A set of three Jetz-Scrubz sponges that'll literally be the only kitchen sponges you'll need from now until *next* August — as in, these three sponges can last you twelve full months or longer.

    23. And a hand-illustrated meal-planning note pad that will help you feel organized and prepared for whatever each day has to bring.

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