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31 Brilliant Kitchen Products For The Holiday Season

They may have only one function, but that function could save you tons of time.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

1. A cutter that will slice a pie or cake into perfectly even portions.

In one easy step. $6.69, here.

2. An apple peeler / core-er / slicer that will make pies a breeze.

3. A seafaring arm to keep your pots from boiling over.

Get one of each for $12, here.

4. A heavy-duty potato ricer that will make latke-making fast AF.

5. A cheery egg separator.

For all your fancy dessert baking. $15.32, here.

6. A gadget that will open jars, open pop-top cans, open pull-tab cans, and (most importantly) open your beer.

$9.95, here.

7. A grease separator that will help you make ~perfect~ gravy.

This one is $14.99, here.

8. A worried face that will protect your fingers from hurried chopping.

$2.21, here.

9. An apron with a towel that zips off for easy cleaning.

Read more about it here, and get it for $29.95 here.

10. Pins that will help you lace your turkey without having to sew it up.

11. An attachment for your standing mixer that chops (and shreds) things for you.

Veggies, cheese, potatoes, and whatever else you don't want to deal with chopping by hand. $49.99, here.

12. Or this grater that does it with ~hand power~.

13. A salad chopper with multiple settings that chops veggies and eggs and (cooked) meat directly into a bowl.$uslarge$$uslarge$

$32.96, here.

14. A little plastic guy who will keep your spoon from making a mess, even if you have to drop it for a second to deal with something else.

$18.40, here.

15. An infrared convection cooker that can cook your whole damn turkey.

Save your real oven for the best part of holiday food: the SIDES. $119.99, here.

16. An extra three-tier oven rack.

Make all three green bean casseroles at once. $16.99, here.

17. Gloves that make potato scrubbing easy.|tools-thanksgiving-prep-tools||tools-thanksgiving-prep-tools

Vegetable scrubbing brushes always get gross, anyway. These are much more washable. $11.95, here.

18. A pair of tongs that make slicing your roast fast and fair.

Now no one gets a bigger slice than anyone else. $29.95, here.

19. A hand held electric beater.

When your stand mixer is busy with something else. Or for those of us without the counter space for a stand mixer. $19.99, here.

20. A set of nesting measuring cups with easy leveling scrapers.

$19.95, here.

21. A handle that makes it easy to move your turkey from the roasting pan to the platter.

Handy, even though it looks awkward. $9.99, here.

22. A garlic peeler / slicer.

It may not look like much, but it peels and slices a garlic clove in one twist. $20.50, here.

23. A pie carrier that will help you get your masterpiece to grandma's house.

This one is $14.99, here.

24. A tube to stick inside your bird to make it cook faster (aka the "Turbo Roaster").

25. A top-rated turkey fryer.

If you're going to fry your turkey, do it right. It's $50 here, and you can read the Sweethome's review of it here.

26. A strange device whose only function is to remove an onion's peel.

But when you're faced with three pounds of unpeeled onions, something like this is basically a ~dream~. $49.99, here.

27. A comb that makes slicing veggies easy and accurate.

Plus that stainless steel circle in the middle will get rid of onion finger smell. $17.52 here.

28. A cookie press that will make everyone compliment your sugar cookie skills.

$24.99, here.

29. A universal pan lid that you can throw on top of any pot.

30. A meat thermometer that connects to your iPhone.

Get it for $59.95, here.

31. A flask that you can take a swig from anytime a relative comes poking around.

$24.50, here.