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22 Small Towns That Will Make You Wonder How They Got Their Names

Meat Camp. Lizard Lick. Ding Dong.

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1. Hopeulikit, Georgia

geoffphotos /, jmpadgett89 /

Yes it's actually pronounced "Hope you like it," after a '20s dance hall.

Hopeulikit — along with some others on this list — is technically an "unincorporated community", meaning it doesn't have official legal boundaries. But it does have SIGNS! Like this glorious one.


2. Buttzville, New Jersey


4. Intercourse, Pennsylvania

officialdanielboyd /, stevethurston /

*stifles middle school giggles*

There are three theories for how the name came about, none of them dirty.


6. Monkey's Eyebrow, Kentucky

daviddrennan2094 /, wateroverroad /

There are multiple origin stories, but I can sorta buy the one about the shape of the Ohio River — on a map, it looks like a monkey, and Monkey's Eyebrow is where the eyebrow should be.


7. Meat Camp, North Carolina

ryansheltonmd /, mckenziedg1 /

Meat. Camp.

(In the late 1700s it was a hunting camp that may have sometimes stored meat — which sorta makes it better because I keep picturing old-timey hunters saying "Time to head back to the MEAT CAMP.")



9. Chicken, Alaska

mickessex /, moritzaltenbach /

"They originally wanted to name the town after our state bird, which is the Ptarmigan, but no one could spell it correctly. So they named it Chicken instead."

—Carly Cummings, Facebook

11. Ding Dong, Texas

debiwilliamsaz /, dont_skip_craig_day /

A town founded by Texans with a punny sense of humor — the Bells. They hung a sign on their 1930s country store with two bells painted on it, and the words "Ding Dong" painted beneath...and the name stuck!



12. Possum Grape, Arkansas

whiskeystream /, rebeccadawn1229 /

"It was named because residents couldn't decide whether they wanted their fledgling town to be called "Possum" or "Grape", so they came up with this compromise!"

—Rebecca Foreman, Facebook

13. Pie Town, New Mexico

drewebennett /, chinarock29 /

Named for their pies, still known for their pies. What else could you want in a town?


14. Sandwich, Massachusetts

Sandwich Police Dept. /, cabinbev_ /

It's the Sandwich Police!!!! (It's the ~oldest town on Cape Cod~, founded in 1637, and is apparently similar to Sandwich, England.)

lindsayt474f6eab2 and ashleylynnh

15. Sugar Tit, South Carolina

sugartitmoonshinedistillery /

:: side eye emoji ::

Supposedly the farmers who settled the area would give their babies sugar cane to chew on while mom and dad worked? These days there's no official sign, but there is Sugar Tit Moonshine.



16. No Name, Colorado

17. Tightwad, Missouri

18. Boring, Oregon


20. Yeehaw Junction, Florida

21. Lizard Lick, North Carolina

anajoyner /, lizardlicktowin /

Probably named because someone literally saw lizards licking themselves on a fence (which...I guess lizards sometimes must lick themselves); made famous by Lizard Lick Towing's TV show.


22. Oh, and there's a TON of different places called Climax.

Google MyMaps

Kansas, Michigan, Kentucky, Georgia, and New York all have towns or hamlets called Climax. Oregon, Colorado, Texas, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania all have unincorporated communities called Climax. And both Iowa and South Carolina have populated places called Climax.

(Apparently the word "climax" didn't = orgasm until like, 1880, and before then its common meaning was more like "escalating steps". American-dream-wise, this kind of makes sense.)

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