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31 Insanely Clever Ways To Organize Your Tiny Kitchen

Storage, maximized.

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2. Keep an over-the-sink cutting board handy to temporarily expand your counter space.

If you have a tiny kitchen, you know that counter space comes at a premium. Get this one for $39.73 here, or one without a colander here.


3. Maximize your under-sink storage space with a pocket organizer.

Got sewing machine skills? Here's a tutorial for making your own custom-size pocket organizer. Otherwise, you could buy an inexpensive over-the-door shoe organizer (like this one, $12.19), and cut it to fit — it has enough pockets to cover at least two different doors.


12. Keep measuring equivalents and measuring cups handy with some hooks, chalkboard paint, and a chalk marker.

It's amazing what chalkboard paint can do, and a chalk marker (like these, $12.34) won't smear when you accidentally brush it with your hand. From here.


19. The insides of cabinets are also great places to put hooks for rags, gloves, and pot holders.

Get similar hooks here, $9.58 for a pack of 18.


28. Hang pots and pans somewhere up high.

Yeah, pot racks are usually reserved for expensive, fancy-ass kitchens, but if you’ve got the space above your head, why not use it for storage? This version is downsized for small kitchens, and is $59.95 here.


29. Make yourself a pegboard wall organizer.

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Great for when you don't understand why there aren't cabinets on blank walls, or when you have walls too small for cabinets but wide enough to hang a pot. See the step-by-step tutorial here.

31. Skip the counter-hogging knife block in favor of a magnetic knife strip, especially if counter space (and drawer space) comes at a premium.

Sherrie and Oliver /

Put your backsplash to work instead. Magnetic knife holders come in a variety of price ranges, like this one for $16.99 and this one for $49.95. Or, get a tutorial for how to make your own here.