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    16 Ingenious Baby Shower Themes

    Some glam, some geeky, all adorable.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Baby's Build-a-Library

    Coolest feature: Asking guests to bring their favorite children's book with a note inside, instead of a gift and card.

    More details here.

    2. Space Invaders

    Gabriel Ryan Photographers / Via

    Coolest feature: The baby is invading. Your space. Your geeky, Pinterest-worthy space.

    See more inspiration here.

    3. Shake, Rattle, and Roll

    Coolest feature: Comes with a ready-made theme song, which makes for a witty twist on a cute baby theme.

    Buy the printables here, and see more inspiration here.

    4. Feather Their Nest

    Coolest feature: You can give birdseed ornaments as party favors. Also, the color scheme is entirely adjustable to whatever the parents prefer.

    Buy the printable bird illustration here.

    5. B is for Baby

    Coolest feature: Letters are cheap decorations that you can customize to fit your theme. You could even buy every letter in the baby's name to give to the parents as a souvenir.

    Get more inspiration here and here.

    6. Welcome, Young Jedi

    Coolest features: The Yoda Soda and the Wookie Cookies.

    Read more about it here.

    7. Rub-a-dub-dub a New Duck in the Tub

    Coolest feature: Gender-neutral rubber duckies are incredibly inexpensive, and look cute floating in the punch (and could also float in a swimming pool if you have one).

    Read more about it here.

    8. For the Future Gryffindor

    Coolest feature: Is it not COMPLETELY OBVIOUS?

    (It's Harry Potter-themed.)

    Read more about it here.

    9. Your Missing Piece

    Coolest feature: Your baby is your missing piece. Of your family puzzle. Awww.

    See more here.

    10. Geometric Minimalism

    Coolest feature: Instead of (or in addition to) traditional games, your guests make geometric art for the nursery. You could also find ways to make this cool activity work for other themes, too.

    See more here.

    11. Who's that Pokémon?

    Coolest features: Proves you don't have to have a girly theme to have an awesome and creative party. And that fruit platter shaped like a pokéball.

    Read more about it here.

    12. Twin Minions

    Pinatas Couture / Facebook: PinatasCoutureDowney / Via

    Coolest feature: Good for parents who are looking forward to having a new minion to help with the dishes and yard work.

    Get more inspiration here.

    13. Welcome to the World, Baby!

    Taya Photography / Via

    Coolest feature: Fresh flowers everywhere! That you can swap out for different colored blooms for a gender-neutral party (or party for a boy).

    Find more photos here.

    14. Apple of Our Eye

    Lux Events and Design / Via

    Coolest features: You will have so many apples to make pies with after it's over. Also, although this example is super ~fancy~, it's an idea that could be easily put together on a tighter budget.

    See more here.

    15. Happy Campers

    Coolest feature: Sing campfire songs and roast marshmallows instead of playing overwrought baby shower games.

    Get these printables here.

    16. A Game of Thrones Gala

    Jennifer Skog / Via

    Coolest feature: You get to turn your house into a Westerosi castle, but because it's pretend you won't have to mop up after an unexpected murder.

    Read more about it here.