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    37 Inexpensive "Shark Tank" Products People Actually Swear By

    Things that are useful, worth the money, and will make your life at least a little bit easier.

    1. A pack of two silicone microwave covers that also multitask as a trivet, potholder, food cover, and jar opener.

    2. A securely-latching tiny box you can hook onto your keychain (or water bottle or belt loop or wherever) to hold your pills so you know you always have them with you — or to stash your jewelry in when you need to take your ring off for a second, but don't want to lose it.

    3. Or an Enso Ring silicone wedding band so you can still wear a ring even if you're going to be at the beach, hiking/camping, swimming, woodworking, or doing some other not-so-precious-metal-friendly activity for hours (or days) at a time.

    person sitting in the sand at the beach wearing a light orange version of the ring on their ring finger

    4. A nearly-silent fidget toy — it's small enough to slip discreetly into your pocket to help get you through work meetings, and quiet enough that no one will notice.

    Hand holding the toy; it has two rings joined together, and a bunch of small metal pieces that keep it together

    5. A reusable silicone zip bag because you can use it to pack snacks and sandwiches, steam veggies in the microwave, and even seal up sous vide (if you're fancy enough to cook like that).

    6. A set of two magnetic glasses holders, so you can stop searching high and low every time you realize you need your reading glasses.

    7. A set of two miniature spatulas — they reach into even the deepest corners of makeup bottles and food jars so you can use every. last. bit. of product.

    8. A packet of water bottle cleaning tablets that also scour out coffee pots, pressure cookers, and basically anything with stubborn stains that regular soap and water don't even come close to helping.

    9. An acupressure back-and-body massager so you can get relief for the tension in your back (and shoulders, and feet, and legs) ~on demand~.

    10. A box of heavy duty grease cutting–cleaning wipes that you can keep in your garage to tackle all kinds of messes, no drippy soap-and-water required.

    11. A seat gap filler for when you're tired of accidentally dropping your phone down in the crack of no return for the two-thousandth-time in the past year.

    Hands inserting the long piece of black fabric-covered foam into a seat gap; and a phone, change, and fries resting on that gap cover

    12. A smiley-faced sponge with a mouth that opens to make cleaning all of your silverware a simple matter of swipe-and-wipe.

    13. The Safety Nailer to give you the courage to actually use a nail and hammer. It has magnets to hold the nail or screw in place, two elastic loops to make the gadget easy for you to hold, and of course the plastic shielding to protect your fingers.

    14. A silicone ~Frywall~ that fits snugly in your skillets and sauté pans so you can cook all kinds of food in oil without coating your entire stovetop — and the rest of the kitchen — in a fine mist of sticky oil that smells like whatever you cooked.

    15. A memory foam neck pillow with a hoodie-like hood attached because sometimes it's easier to doze of on an airplane or bus if you can just block out the rest of the world.

    16. A Squatty Potty toilet stool to make pooping easier and faster because it aligns everything in a supposedly more natural way.

    A model sitting on a toilet with their feet on the stool; their knees are higher than their hips

    17. A tube of Nerdwax to keep your glasses firmly in place on your face, so you can stop pushing them up every time they slip a little.

    18. Some stretchy elastic shoe laces so you can turn any lace-up pair of shoes into slip-ons but still have your shoes look like....any other ordinary pair of shoes.

    reviewers shoes with the laces in them, looking like normal laces

    19. A whole grain, protein packed–pancake and waffle mix that you can use in all sorts of recipes as a substitute for white flour.

    A bear paw pours syrup over a stack of the pancakes, with the Kodiak Power Cakes in the background

    20. Two bottles of a natural all-purpose cleaner perfect for anyone who's sensitive to scents or harsh ingredients in regular cleaners.

    21. Reusable, washable towels made from bamboo to reduce your reliance on single-use paper towels and help the world's landfills — and your wallet — breathe a sigh of relief.

    A hand pulling one of the large, thick, square paper towels off the roll

    22. Pop-up cards that don't just say just the right thing — they're basically a little gift in and of themselves.

    23. Single-serve Vietnamese pour-over coffee packs so you can enjoy a cup of delicious, fancy coffee without paying big bucks at the store, but also don't have to put together some contraption every time you want a delicious caffeinated treat.

    hand pouring water from kettle over coffee pod hung over opening of clear cup you see the coffee begin to drip out of the bottom

    24. And a box of Third Wave Water capsules that'll do wonders no matter how you make your coffee: they're composed of particular minerals that enhance your standard tap water in a way that makes your morning brew go down noticeably more smoothly.

    the box of product with a coffee setup

    25. A ramen cooker because sometimes you just want to enjoy a hot, cheap, and delicious meal fast, with the most minimal dishes possible.

    26. A pack of two gift wrap cutters so you can get perfectly straight lines every time, and *so much* faster than with scissors. The open cylinders slide over the roll of paper, with a sharp blade that cuts precisely where the paper comes off the roll.

    Two hands sliding the cutter over a roll; the paper is perfectly cut where it comes off the roll

    27. A snug-fit undershirt for anyone who's usually pretty sweaty — it has built-in padding that soaks up your sweat before it forms a ring on your dress shirt.

    28. A bottle emptying kit because it will let you get every penny's worth of product out of your favorite shampoos, lotions, and even food products like honey or that gourmet salad dressing you can't get enough of.

    29. Some Neuro Gum or Neuro Mints, which contain 40 mg of green tea caffeine — about half a cup of coffee's worth, meaning it'll help give you the smooth boost you need through the afternoon without leaving you tossing and turning when it's time for bed.

    30. The Cut Buddy because it makes it incredibly simple to get a perfectly curved, straight, or angled line for your head or beard right at home. It has six different sides so you can create dozens of different shapes or angles!

    31. And a Beard King trimmings catcher that'll make cleaning up after shaving (your face, at least) SO MUCH easier. Just carefully grab the edges off the mirror — they secure there with suction cups — and take the whole thing over to the trash can.

    32. A pair of Drainwigs so you never have to deal with sloshing through a few inches of water in the bottom of your shower thanks to a slow, hair-clogged drain again. This catches all the hair as it goes down, and you simply pull it up and toss every few months.

    33. The Lip Bar vegan lipstick — its smooth, creamy formula is long-lasting, and also happens to be cruelty-free!

    34. InstaFire because when it's chilly out and you want a fire in the backyard fire pit or at your fall campsite, you want that fire started NOW. And this will do it using only eco-friendly ingredients.

    35. A bottle of Grip Clean heavy-duty soap that's made with coconut and olive oils to throughly and easily clean your hands — even if they're exceptionally dirty — while ALSO moisturizing them at the same time!

    reviewer's before and after pic of grease covered hand and then clean hand thanks to the soap

    36. An EZPZ mat, which is completely un-budge-able by toddlers. They still might drop the food on the floor, but at least it'll be just a piece or two at a time, instead of the entire bowl of painstakingly cut up fruit at once.

    top down look at oval silicone mat with walled sections for food on a baby's high chair

    37. A Turbie Twist that'll wrap your entire sopping-wet head of hair in its 100% cotton lengths and hold everything securely with it's elastic loop, even if you start head-bopping as you sing along to your favorite morning playlist.

    A pink turbie twist

    You, receiving all your cool new finds in the mail:

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