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    27 Clever Halloween Decorations To Make With Dollar Store Stuff

    Hocus pocus on the cheap.

    1. Hot glue pingpong balls to a plain wreath, then top them with some googly eyes.

    2. Tape tissue paper to white balloons to make fun floating ghosties.

    3. Construct this cartoony bunting with clothespins, string, construction paper, and a simple glue stick.

    4. Or, cut out eye, nose, and mouth shapes from black contact paper, then stick them onto balloons for no-rot, no-carve jack-o-lanterns.

    5. Save your milk jugs for a few weeks, then draw faces on them with a Sharpie to turn them into ghosts.

    6. Hot glue card stock cut-outs to colorful buckets to make these monstrous candy catchers.

    7. Cut (clean) trash bags into oversized spider webs just like you'd cut a holiday snowflake.

    8. Haunt your porch with these adorable ping-pong ball and cheesecloth ghosties.

    9. Cut some zombie arms out of black poster or foam core board, and tape them to your stair bannisters.

    10. Print out black and white images from simple computer paper and Mod Podge them onto candles.

    11. Use a similar technique to make your own dessert plates.

    12. Pick up a couple of green or purple plastic Jack 'o' Lanterns, and help your kids make spooky eyes for your trees or bushes.

    13. Add a few coordinating cheap toys or confetti to hand soap that you already have.

    14. Tie together off-brand candy with wire, attach black ribbon at the ends, and hang it as a garland.

    15. Coat a couple of cheap plastic pumpkins in chalkboard paint, then either draw on them with chalk markers, or let your kiddos do the decorating.

    16. Buy a bunch of white candles and one red candle, then use the red candle wax to make your white candles ~bloody~.

    17. Spray paint a bunch of toy snakes black, then use them as vase filler or as part of your ~tablescape~.

    18. Cut an inexpensive half-circle doormat into the shape of a spider web, and paint in the details.

    19. Tape paper bags over string and decorate 'em to make your own cute bunting.

    20. Grab a package of mini candy holders, spray paint them gold, and stick a succulent in them for classy place cards.

    21. Hot glue yarn and plastic spiders (or googly eyes!) to simple glass votives, and drop a candle in there for a spooky glow.

    22. Cut eye-shapes in toilet paper rolls, insert a glow stick or two, and let them haunt everyone who walks by your yard.

    23. Press white glue and food coloring between sheets of wax paper to create your own bloody window clings.

    24. Paint bigger toys — like insects — gold, and turn them into faux taxidermy worthy of the creepiest haunted house.

    25. Cut a bunch of bats out of card stock, then tape 'em up on your walls.

    26. Or as part of a cool, Pottery-Barn-knockoff chandelier.

    27. Paint glass jars to look like ghosts and goblins and put them over the solar lights you already have.

    Now bring on the trick or treaters!!! You'll be the most intensely decorated house in the neighborhood.