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19 Impossibly Cool Crafts For Kids That Adults Will Want To Try

They might blow your mind, too.

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2. Gently heat (used, clean) plastic cups in the oven to make gorgeous recycled flowers.

To get the colors, you scribble with permanent markers (which btw, aren't permanent. Just use rubbing alcohol to get the stains out). Read the instructions here.

4. Swirl food coloring, glitter, and googly eyes through a pan of unflavored gelatin, then cut it into shapes for your window.

Of course they won't last ~forever~, but that's just an excuse to make more! By the way, the unflavored gelatin won't attract bugs, so don't worry. Here's how to do it.

5. Fill a cardboard tube with reflective paper and beads to make a kaleidoscope.

Older kids can probably follow most of the steps themselves, but for younger kids, you might stick to letting them pick out their beads. Here's how to build them.


7. Build an easy pendulum out of a water bottle filled with paint to make giant swirly patterns.

Photo by: Rob Tannenbaum. Courtesy of The Martha Stewart Show. Copyright© 2012.

A physics lesson and art class all in one! Here's how to make it happen.

10. Tape pool noodles so they transform into lightsabers.

Okay, so making these won't take too long (you should probably do the sawing in half part for the kids), but playing with these will take hours. Here's how to make them.


15. Paper-maché funny shapes to a balloon, then pop the balloon in the morning.

Your kiddos can go with the Matisse theme, or a dinosaur theme, or a diamonds theme, or whatever strikes their fancy. It will all work as long as you make sure the shapes overlap. Here's the how-to.


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