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    19 Impossibly Cool Crafts For Kids That Adults Will Want To Try

    They might blow your mind, too.

    1. Paint masterpieces of modern art using bubble solution and food coloring.

    Here's the how-to — you'll probably want to try this outside.

    2. Gently heat (used, clean) plastic cups in the oven to make gorgeous recycled flowers.

    3. Cut actual fruit in half and use them as stamps to cover almost anything with a juicy pattern.

    This tutorial uses a canvas lunch bag for the project, but you could do it on paper or even cotton t-shirts.

    4. Swirl food coloring, glitter, and googly eyes through a pan of unflavored gelatin, then cut it into shapes for your window.

    5. Fill a cardboard tube with reflective paper and beads to make a kaleidoscope.

    Older kids can probably follow most of the steps themselves, but for younger kids, you might stick to letting them pick out their beads. Here's how to build them.

    6. Turn popsicle sticks and construction paper into high-flying helicopters.

    7. Build an easy pendulum out of a water bottle filled with paint to make giant swirly patterns.

    8. Decorate an oversized cardboard mailing tube, then make noises into it like it's a didgeridoo.

    9. Make salt dough, then press plastic dinosaurs into it before it dries.

    10. Tape pool noodles so they transform into lightsabers.

    11. Make wall decor using cardboard looms, sticks from the backyard, and pom poms.

    And yarn needles, which you can get at the craft store. Here's how to do it.

    12. Decorate 99-cent birdhouses with colorful modeling clay.

    13. Collect flowers, leaves, sticks, and other nature on your next walk (or on your family road trip), then frame with contact paper and a paper plate.

    14. Create your own slime using ~science~, then play with it.

    15. Paper-maché funny shapes to a balloon, then pop the balloon in the morning.

    16. Use crayons, vegetable oil, and water colors to make gorgeous translucent bunting.

    17. Spool- (or, French-) knit a skinny scarf with a homemade knitter.

    18. Melt plastic beads in the oven to make colorful sun catchers.

    19. Skip the messy multiple buckets of colors by tie-dying with Sharpies and an embroidery hoop.

    Have fun crafting together!