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    Updated on Nov 5, 2019. Posted on Jun 24, 2017

    7 Small Ways To Actually Get Your Home In Order

    Small tricks. Big difference.

    Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed

    1. Hook chip clips on your pantry wall so you never find another bag of chips crushed before its time.

    And you'll know if you already have a bag of your favorites open. From Fennell Seeds.

    2. Write out instructions for your teen so they can learn to do their own laundry — or so you actually remember exactly what water temp goes with what.

    Maybe you don't need directions to the detergent slot, but you also never remember to wash your white sheets on Warm.

    For more photos of what this mom wrote on her washer and dryer, check out Jessica LaHey.

    3. Pull your favorite photos (or all your photos) from each year onto its own mini drive, so you can easily find whatever photos you need.

    No scrolling way back in photo software — or even figuring out photo software —required. Because a lonely flash drive = a lost flash drive, grouping the years on a keyring with a ribbon makes it easier to find in a drawer. Read more on Driven by Decor.

    4. Repurpose a magazine file to store your favorite few pairs of flip-flops where you can always find them.

    BuzzFeed / Nifty

    Unless you have a large flip-flop collection and they're ALL your favorites — totally legit, you'll just need a different solution. Learn nine other ways to use magazine files around the house from Nifty.

    5. Bundle the cords on any small kitchen appliances you don't keep plugged in all the time.

    Keep the blender out on the counter, unplugged? No more blender cord invading precious counter space. And the food processor in a cabinet? It'll be easier to pull the whole thing out at once without the cord trailing.

    Dreaming in DIY uses Command Cord Bundlers ($3.67 as an add-on item on Amazon), but you could also use a rubber band to bundle the cord alongside a removable adhesive hook you already have. Just put the bundle on the hook!

    6. Group your to-do list by category for a week, instead of assigning tasks to specific days or keeping a running list.

    If you're not in love with your current to-do list, try something new! Learn more about the system (and download the free printable) on All About The House.

    7. Get all of your desk or TV cords off the floor and tucked out of sight: cut a mailing tube open to make a functional organizer for just a few bucks.

    Nifty / BuzzFeed

    You can find single cardboard mailing tubes at most office supply stores for $2-3, and the paint and the tape are optional. Learn how to make the organizer (plus a few other tips and tricks) from Nifty.

    Want more organizing ideas? See last week's tricks (plus more!) here.

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