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How Do You Resolve Conflicts In Your Friendships?

Fights, arguments, passive aggressive disputes...tell us how you deal.

Your friends: they make your good times better and your bad times bearable.

But if you spend enough time around them, you've probably run headfirst into a fight of some sort.

And maybe you and your bestie regularly argue about random things.

So how do you and your friends ~deal~ when you're clearly on opposite sides of the fence?

Tell us about a time you had a fight with a close friend (or friends!) — and how you resolved the problem.

Did one of you realize you were wrong and apologize? Or even just apologize then agree to disagree?

Did you sit down and really ~talk it over~ until you got to the bottom of your differences?

Or did you figure it out some other way?

Share your story in the comments, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post!