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Oct 15, 2017

Buy An Apartment In Paris And We'll Reveal Which Pastry You Are

It's international!

Congratulations! Your company wants you to work some of the time from Paris, France — and they're going to buy you an apartment!

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You'll also use some cool company tech to learn conversational French in like an hour, if you don't speak it already. Because of course.

You fly over, and your real estate agent meets you at your hotel one morning. Ready? Time to go house hunting!

  1. Welcome to Apartment #1! This two-bed, one-bath apartment is located in the 18th arrondissement. Step on in to the living and kitchen area. What's your initial reaction to the space?
  2. What comment do you make as you tour each of the rooms?

  3. How would you set up the little spare room?
  4. That's all for Apartment #1! It's 7012.50 euros per square meter, or about $770 per square foot. Is it still on your list?
  5. Time for Apartment #2 — welcome! This three-bedroom, two-bathroom abode is in a building built in 1900, in the 3rd arrondissement, the center of Paris. What part of the space do you kind of fall in love with?
  6. What comment do you make as you tour the attic master suite?
  7. In France, many kitchens aren't actually finished with appliances — and in this apartment, you'd need to bring your own refrigerator, oven/stove range, and microwave (on your company's dime). How do you feel about that?
  8. That's a wrap on Apartment #2! It's about 12,500 euros per square meter, or $1,371 per square foot. Will you keep it under consideration?
  9. Ready for Apartment #3? Welcome! This is a two-bedroom, one-and-a-half-bathroom apartment in a Haussmannian building, in the 11th arrondissement. What's your gut reaction to your first look?
  10. What comment do you make about the original OR the more modern features of the home?

  11. The current resident uses the two main front rooms as a formal dining area and a formal sitting room. As you tour, how do you picture using each room?
  12. That's it for Apartment #3! Oh, take a look out the window — then we'll discuss price. This apartment's 10,701 euros per square meter, or about $930 dollars per square foot. Will you still keep it on your list?
  13. It's time to choose your apartment! Drumroll, please. Will you buy Apt. #1 (modern, small, newer), Apt. #2 (well-renovated, small, has character), or Apt. #3 (larger, has character, some updates)? / /

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