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    22 Holiday Decor Hacks That'll Make You Say "Why Didn't I Know About These Sooner?"

    Shout-out to smart, stress-free shortcuts.

    1. Stick an upside-down Command Hook on the back of your door to seamlessly hang a wreath.

    2. Place a can beneath your candle in a hurricane vase — you'll use less filler, and your candle will sit perfectly straight.

    3. And put a toilet paper roll in the middle of an apothecary jar to save filler there, too.

    4. Clean last year's wax from your menorah by "baking" it at a very low temperature. No scraping required!

    5. When you open a big box of decorations, take a picture of what's inside so you can quickly remember how to put everything back.

    6. For statement mantlepiece decor or a personalized gift, get an oversized family photo printed for less than $10.

    7. You can even print out your favorite ~holiday scene~ to set the mood.

    8. String together a sparkling gelt garland using plastic coins and your hot glue gun.

    9. Add more volume and fluff to an artificial tree by layering in two inexpensive wreaths.

    10. And fluff up faux store-bought garland with floral wire and yard clippings — or evergreen boughs from wherever you buy your fresh trees.

    11. Tie ribbon to your cabinets to display your holiday cards somewhere you'll actually see them.

    12. For a cheap and classy alternative to expensive tabletop trees, make a cone out of card stock and glue on some bead garland.

    13. Use mini Command Hooks on top of your doorframes or mirrors to hang banners.

    14. Cleanup from big holiday meals is quick and easy when you've covered the tables with brown kraft paper.

    15. Carve out the insides of a pumpkin and stick in a short vase for a ~very fall~ centerpiece / mantle decoration / whatever you want to use it for.

    16. And layer two vases together that are identical shapes, but different sizes, to make an illusion vase filled with gelt or mini dreidels.

    17. Repurpose old sparkly necklaces or decorative bows as curtain tie-backs to add some sparkle and cheer.

    18. If you're hanging new shelves for your decorations, easily measure the distance between the two holes you need to drill with a piece of tape.

    19. Invert tomato cages and wrap them with lights to make faux-topiaries (faux-piaries?) with holiday spirit.

    20. Use a paste of cornstarch and water to make removable wallpaper out of any fabric — and temporarily transform a room just for the holiday season.

    21. Tie strips of ribbons (in any color scheme) onto a string of lights for a drapey garland on the cheap.

    22. Use hot glue to easily hang outdoor lights on brick or stone.