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    21 Real-Life Photobombs That Prove Timing Is Everything


    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their funniest photobombs — and here are the results!

    1. This sweet Pooh Bear hug, interrupted:

    2. This curious pigeon outside of Notre Dame:

    3. This chicken who wanted to celebrate true love:

    4. This pup who doesn't understand the flashing rectangle:

    5. This sibling who wasn't going to let her sister's wedding go without a little mischief:

    6. And this sibling who couldn't let Mom get away with taking a pic with just ~one~ of her children:

    7. This elephant who just wanted to give her a smooch:

    8. The Red Robin bartender who meticulously plotted:

    9. The boat race attendee who might have just been confused:

    10. This guy who's clueless about the ~other~ picture being taken:

    11. This ultra-classic mom bomb:

    12. This person who didn't pass up an opportunity to say cheese:

    13. This very gleeful background lurker:

    14. This daughter just really enjoying her corn on the cob:

    15. These background strangers casually enjoying their drinks:

    16. This sneaky friend who peeked around the corner at just the right time:

    17. This person who peeked into the mother-daughter selfie:

    18. The third friend who wasn't going to let her besties get away with a cute photo:

    19. This dog just doing its business as usual:

    20. This confused person who didn't understand why the random lady was taking a picture:

    21. And these girls who knew they'd look so cute, until they saw the photo online:

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    Note: Submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.