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21 Real-Life Photobombs That Prove Timing Is Everything


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3. This chicken who wanted to celebrate true love:

Steve Keegan /

It hung out the whole night too! It even got onstage to play with the band, and on the dance floor during our first dance. I'm pretty sure it was the same chicken hanging with us when we toured the venue.



5. This sibling who wasn't going to let her sister's wedding go without a little mischief:

Jessica Janasz Photography / Via

We were taking family photos after my sister's wedding. As her younger sister I couldn't pass up the opportunity to annoy her one last time. Judging by the look on her face, I think I succeeded.


6. And this sibling who couldn't let Mom get away with taking a pic with just ~one~ of her children:

Family trip to San Francisco. I borrowed my brother's sweatshirt, and when I saw the opportunity I took it. Still my proudest moment tbh. —meganc4d3861b9b


8. The Red Robin bartender who meticulously plotted:

I was bartending at the time and could hear from the other side of the wall that they had asked another server to take a picture of the table. I heard her do the countdown for the picture so everyone could be ready, and right when she said "one" I jumped out of nowhere and photobombed them. It's still my best one to date.



21. And these girls who knew they'd look so cute, until they saw the photo online:

My best friend and I were in the crowd picture for a local band's show and when it got posted on Instagram this is what we saw behind us. Not even mad — it's hilarious! —fyeahrandaj

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