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    37 Ways To Hide All The Eyesores In Your Home

    Quick little updates that'll make an immediate difference.

    1. Pour your off-brand liquor into a glass decanter because nobody needs to know you get your whiskey at Costco.

    2. Instantly update your garage door with carriage-style magnets to create a ~focal point~ that draws everyone's eyes away from any other unsightly details you're not gonna fix anytime soon.

    3. Cover up your gross-looking concrete with garage floor paint for a clean visual slate in a space you use every day.

    A blogger's oil- and spray-paint-stained, garage floor, 70% painted over with clean, grey paint

    4. Recover those old throw pillows you're not in love with anymore with cute shams that cost significantly less than buying a bunch of new cushions.

    A grey couch with four colorful, pattern-covered pillows on it: one has a honeycomb pattern, one a chevron, one a pinwheel and one a fishscale.

    5. Disguise a hideous buzzer or interior fuse box with a trendy macramé hanging you can move when you need easy access.

    Two somewhat different macrame pieces hang as part of gallery wall; one has three tassels hanging down instead of just more thread

    6. Hide all the crap you shove under your bed with a neat bed skirt that coordinates with the rest of your bedding — your bedroom will immediately look tidier.

    A simple white bedskirt on a bed

    7. Update your circa-1990s appliances for less than the cost of dinner for two: simply cover them in stainless-steel-effect contact paper.

    8. Toss the branded hand soap pump you've been refilling who even knows how long for foaming dispensers. Besides looking elegant, these use less soap per pump than regular bottles, so you'll save $$ on handsoap refills, too.

    Model using the clear soap dispenser with light blue soap to dispense some foam onto their hand

    9. Rejuvenate beat-up furniture and other wood (or simply darken light-tone wood pieces) with Old English Scratch Cover.

    A reviewer's coffee table: The bottom third is dinged up, messy, and destroyed-looking but the top-third (after using the product) looking perfectly new and taken care of

    10. Swap out your standard air vent wall registers with a decorative cover worthy of Gatsby himself.

    Reviewer's air vent on the wall covered by one of these; it's metal, and a grate, but is more ~feminine~-looking than the builders-grade options

    11. Dress up a less-than-lovely patio or porch — or protect a high-traffic area so it doesn't deteriorate — by laying down an indoor/outdoor rug that'll seem like it's there exclusively because it looks good.

    A reviewer's back porch with an some deep brown furniture and a navy and white rug

    12. The same goes with any less-than-lovely places inside, too: a standout print rug brings any neglected area the wow factor it deserves.

    A thick shag rug with multiple bright colors in diamond patterns

    13. Mask an eyesore of a view with rainbow-y self-adhesive window film — besides looking jaw-droppingly beautiful, it'll also provide a little extra privacy.

    A reviewer's big window covered in the film; the sunlight coming through causes the film to shine lots of different iridescent colors

    14. Install all new light switch and outlet covers so you don't have to keep looking at the dirt-attracting off-white default ones that you secretly hate. And all it takes? A screwdriver and a few minutes.

    15. Consolidate the mess that is your TV's cords in a cable raceway because there's no reason your grown-up living room needs to remind you of your college dorm years one little bit.

    before: a TV hung on a wall with four black cables dangling from the bottom; after: the same setup, except there's a thin white plastic tube coming from the bottom of the TV

    16. Toss your stinkiest refuse in a slide-out trash can that's simple to install in pretty much any lower cabinet (as long as you're semi-proficient with a drill, or willing to learn).

    A trash can on a sliding track that comes out of a bottom cabinet

    17. And temporarily store your used coffee grounds, banana peels, and apple cores in this odor-locking compost bin you won't mind keeping out on your kitchen counter.

    The grey, rounded-corner bin with its lid open, revealing the scraps inside. It has a top handle for easy carrying, and is about as tall with the lid open as the swiss chard sitting next to it

    18. Banish your brooms from that cluttered corner of your kitchen, and hang them neatly inside your coat closet or laundry room instead with the help of a mountable snap-in mop holder.

    the holder with five long-handled mops/brooms in it, and two items hung on the five hooks

    19. Build a simple log store so your teetering wood pile no longer looks like it's languishing but your growing collection can still breathe.

    A blogger's three-sided, roofed log store, filled about halfway with chopped wood

    20. Slap on a coat of simple primer to brighten up a dingy brick or cinderblock garage over the course of a regular old Sunday afternoon.

    A cidnerbock garage painted white and looking fresh thanks to an abstract, symmetrical sun-like sculpture hanging on the wall

    21. Hang a roll of faux ivy to solve several problems at once: conceal an ugly railing or wire fence, create a little extra privacy, and block a view you wish you didn't have to see.

    A reviewer's balcony with the ivy hung; it comes on a (rolled-up) plastic grid with the leaves all over it. You can just barely make out a car on the other side, the leaf coverage is so good

    22. Create a ~drop zone~ for your mail, keys, dog leashes, scarves, and other miscellaneous things by hanging this tidy wall shelf — it'll be much nicer than unceremoniously piling all of that stuff on your countertop.

    The shelf; it has two horizontal halves: one with a shelf on the top and three hooks right beneath it; the other with two deep-ish slots for letters or other mail

    23. Stash all those things you're tired of seeing out on your countertops but still want to be able to reach in an instant in Command Strip bins that mount directly to the inside of your cabinet doors.

    24. Makeover up your old-school bathtub with a tub-and-tile kit to hold you over until you have the time/cash/inspiration to shell out the big bucks to replace it.

    Before: and old light brown tub; After; the same tub, now white and shiny

    25. Hang some moisture- and steam-resistant removable wallpaper on that giant white wall (or boring backsplash) in your rental that you have no idea what to do with, then you can simply peel it off when you're about to move out.

    26. Shelter a tangled powerstrip inside a power cord box so nothing accidentally ends up unplugged (and you don't have to look at it all, either).

    Before: a powerstrip with cords everywhere; after, the powerstrip in the box, so you only see the cords coming out of it

    27. And box up a router and other e-clutter behind a row of cut-up books for a visual disguise that won't block the all-important wifi signal.

    before: a home office with a pile of routers, Amazon Alexas, and other cords next to the computer; after: the same space, except all you see is a row of colorful book spines

    28. Free up garage floorspace with some ceiling-mount shelves — they're perfect for seasonal storage because everything will still be relatively easy to access, but you won't have to look at it all every time you go to start your car.

    29. Nestle your litter box in a cabinet designed with a little entrance so your kittehs can do their business in private, and you don't have to look at it, either.

    A short white cabinet with two doors that fits under a sink; a cat is coming out of a doorway on the side

    30. Refresh metal fixtures with metal-look spray paint to make them look completely new in just an hour or two.

    31. Empty an entire drawer with an under-cabinet organizer that lets hot tools cool safely. Then repurpose that drawer to store all of those skincare products that have been slowly taking over your entire counter.

    The over-cabinet-door organizer, with a basket on the bottom and three metal circles about five inches above the top of the basket with a straightener, hair dryer, and curling iron set into each

    32. Overhaul that outdated Formica in your kitchen with a granite-look countertop paint kit for an inexpensive upgrade that'll last for years.

    33. Block a utility box, trash cans, or anything else you want to make disappear but still need to access regularly with a simple vinyl screen.

    34. Watch obvious damage to your wood furniture vanish with a water stain erasing–cloth.

    35. Or if the stain's a little too big to fix with a $5 cloth, cover it with a checked table runner you can match to the season.

    A table set with a wide gingham check table runner in navy and white

    36. Tuck away toys (and all the other random stuff your kids left lying around) in a storage ottoman to reclaim your living room as a place for grown-ups.

    A model putting toys into the ottoman

    37. If you're not lucky enough to have a mudroom, this shoe cabinet is a good start — it'll at least be better than the ever-growing pile of shoes threatening to trip you on the way out the door.

    You, after successfully disguising that one thing that's been bugging you for AGES: