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Hey Teachers, What's The Best Teacher Gift You've Ever Been Given?

Besides the never-ending appreciation from your students, of course.

Teachers, we want to know: what's the best appreciation or thank you gift you've ever gotten?

Was it a class-pooled gift card to help you feed your Starbucks addiction all year?

Or a gigantic "cake" LOADED with school supplies you didn't have to buy yourself?

Or something customized with your name on it, for your classroom or for you?

Maybe it was a sweet note from a parent who offered to help you clean and organize your classroom during winter break, or at the end of the school year?

Or maybe it was something small but useful, like a nice bottle of scented hand soap that you love?

Or a set of monster stamps that make grading papers a *little* more playful?

Or something totally different but really creative, useful, sweet, or perfect?

OH, and are there any gifts that have NOT been useful or great? What gifts do you wish you never got?

Tell us about your favorite teacher gift (or your least favorite)! Bonus points: upload a photo of your gift to the dropbox below! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.