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Hey Teachers, What's The Best Teacher Gift You've Ever Been Given?

Besides the never-ending appreciation from your students, of course.

Teachers, we want to know: what's the best appreciation or thank you gift you've ever gotten?

Did it have a cute pun, like this jar of tea?

Was it a class-pooled gift card to help you feed your Starbucks addiction all year?

@life_with_ms.w /

Or a gigantic "cake" LOADED with school supplies you didn't have to buy yourself?

Or something customized with your name on it, for your classroom or for you?,

Get a custom director's chair cover starting at $32, and the custom tote starting at $15.99; both are available on Etsy.

Maybe it was a sweet note from a parent who offered to help you clean and organize your classroom during winter break, or at the end of the school year?

farleyfarleyfarley /

Or maybe it was something small but useful, like a nice bottle of scented hand soap that you love?

Cute tag optional; from here.

Or a set of monster stamps that make grading papers a *little* more playful?

Get these on Etsy for $17.

Or something totally different but really creative, useful, sweet, or perfect?

Channel 5

OH, and are there any gifts that have NOT been useful or great? What gifts do you wish you never got?

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Tell us about your favorite teacher gift (or your least favorite)! Bonus points: upload a photo of your gift to the dropbox below! You could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed post.