This Is What Household Ingredients Actually Do For Your Skin

    Don't believe Pinterest.

    Heads up: Coconut oil is not a Magic Eraser for wrinkles.

    Blogs and websites make ~lots~ of half-baked, unsupported claims about what the ingredients "already in your kitchen!" can do to help your skin. We spoke to three dermatologists about some of the most popular face masks on Pinterest, and learned exactly what popular ingredients will actually do for your skin.

    One important note: If you're worried that your skin might react adversely to any of these ingredients, make sure you patch test first, so you don't end up like some followers of this popular beauty vlogger. You can read more about the effects of these ingredients (and the precautions dermatologists say you should take for some of them) here.

    Want to know how to make face masks out of the ingredients below? Learn here.

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