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Here's An Easy Vaporeon Costume Anyone Can Make

Part of the Pokémon costumes series. Go here for the full post!

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1. Gather your supplies:

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

You'll need:

* Not pictured: (sorry!) a spool of white ribbon (we got ours at the dollar store for $1).

* A blue dress, T-shirt, or tank top (we got ours at Forever 21 for $11.90, but you can find a similar style for $12.99 here).

* A white or clear headband to glue your ears and forehead piece onto (we bought ours as part of a multipack similar to this one, $3.32 for three headbands, at the drugstore).

* A sheet of white craft foam, and a sheet of blue craft foam. You'll use these to make the ears and ruff. We bought a bulk pack for this project, but you can also get individual sheets for $0.99 each at Michaels.

* Off-white paint from the craft store (we used what we had already on hand, but this brand at Michaels is only $0.50 per bottle, and works really well).

* The pattern cut-outs for the Vaporeon ruff (1 piece) and Vaporeon ears (4 pieces), available on page 24 of the pattern PDF.

Total cost for Vaporeon costume: $20.81, depending on the dress or T-shirt you choose.

We didn't include the price of these basic crafting supplies in the estimate: scissors, a pencil, Mod Podge, a paintbrush, and a hot-glue gun with glue sticks.

2. Make the ruff (click/tap on the individual photos throughout this post to get a larger photo and step-by-step instructions)*:

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

*These are the steps for the Jolteon costume. Yes, they're the same for the Vaporeon costume — except you use the Vaporeon ruff pattern, on page 24 of the pattern PDF.


On Vaporeon's ruff, you'll also need to trace the details. The pattern makes this easy:

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

To make sure the lines are in the correct place, make a dot on the inner part of the ruff where each of the lines on the pattern begin. Then, using a ruler as a guide, draw a line from the dot to the corresponding point on the ruff using a Sharpie.

3. Make the ears and forehead piece — start by tracing the ear pattern onto your craft foam:

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

Important note: These photos use the basic Eevee ear pattern on green foam, but for Vaporeon, you should use the Vaporeon ear pattern on white foam for the large part of the ears, and blue foam for the small stripes on the ears. You can find the Vaporeon patterns on page 24 of the pattern PDF.

For 2 ears, you'll end up with 4 cut-outs of the large part of the ears, 2 cut-outs of the small stripes on the ears, and 4 cut-outs of the forehead piece.

4. Hot-glue the large parts of the ears together, and then the pieces of the forehead piece together:

5. Paint the white foam with the off-white paint, so it matches the Pokémon's actual colors. Then, draw the details of the ears and forehead piece on with a Sharpie or a black paint pen:

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed, Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

If you're worried about drawing the lines neatly, sketch them out with a pencil first, then go over it with something more permanent.

6. Use a thick line of hot glue to secure the two ears to the headband, and you're done!

Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

To make sure the ears don’t fall off while they dry, hold the headband and each ear together until the glue is cool.

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