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Here's An Easy Snorlax Costume Anyone Can Make

Part of the Pokémon costumes series. Go here for the full post!

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1. Gather your supplies:

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

You'll need:

* A navy blue sweatshirt with a hood, either in your size or in a size or two too large for you — it all depends on how you want it to fit. Don't forget the hood, though! We bought this one, $11.

* A large piece of cream-tone felt, $9.99 here.

* A small piece of black felt, $0.39 here.

* A piece of black foam — we bought a bulk pack for this project, but you can also get individual sheets for $0.99 each at Michaels.

* The face, ear, eye, and mouth patterns for Snorlax from page 14 of the pattern PDF.

Total cost for Snorlax costume: $22.37

2. Cut out all of the pieces of felt and foam that you'll need for the face and the ears (click/tap on the individual photos throughout this post to get a larger photo and step-by-step instructions):


3. Lay the rest of the large piece of felt over the stomach of the sweatshirt, and approximate how you should cut it out:

4. The final step is to glue on the face and then glue on the ears.

Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

Here are the steps for the ears:

# Glue the tips of two pieces of each together to form a stiffer ear out of two layers of foam.

# Place them on the Snorlax's head and hold on to each of them until they've cooled.

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