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19 Charts For Anyone Hosting Thanksgiving This Year

Everything you need to know in infographic form.

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1. Make sure you buy enough (but also not too much) food, based on the number of people you'll be hosting.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

Use these amounts to calculate what to request from people, too, if you're asking guests to bring appetizers, desserts, wine, or other parts of the meal.


2. If your turkey arrives frozen, follow this guide for how long you should defrost it in the fridge.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

This guide is only for an uncooked turkey, though — for a more detailed tutorial on defrosting your raw turkey, go here. If you bought a frozen, precooked turkey, make sure to follow the directions that came with the bird.

4. Approximate the perfect cooking time based on the weight of your bird.

Oh and by the way, those little plastic doohickeys that pop up when the turkey is "done"? They're a guaranteed way to overcook and dry out your turkey. So, follow these directions from Jennie-O.

5. When your turkey is done cooking, let it rest on the counter. Then, follow this guide to carve it so you get the most meat out of all of your work.