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19 Gifts For People Who Love Drinking Tea

Hello, is it Tea you're looking for?

1. A cozy shirt for the koala or dino lover who has a weak spot for puns.

2. An Oct-TEA-pus poster that you can get in three different sizes.

3. A candle that evokes the scent of their favorite beverage (whether they prefer citrus cardamom or Earl Grey).

4. A Japanese matcha starter kit to shake up their afternoon tea ritual.

5. Or this Calm the Fuck Down Tea that does exactly what it's advertised to do.

6. Cupcake molds that will let them double fist their tea and cake.

7. A jar that looks like a terrarium, but actually holds their loose-leaf tea and looks like a tea plant, growing.

8. A glass teapot that makes it easy to brew loose-leaf teas.

9. Or, a magical contraption that both wakes you up in the morning and brews a fresh cup of tea for you to sit up and drink immediately.

10. A face mask or skincare set made with the help of tea.

11. A teapot cookie cutter to inspire the royal icing fan at the next brunch they host.

12. A set of colorful little snail clips that keep your teabag's string from falling into your cup.

13. Or, these cute loose-leaf silicone steepers shaped like a pig and a shark.

14. A jar of bath tea, so they can soak in tea and drink (another, not-bath-tea) at the same time.

15. This classic tea cozy to keep your whole pot of tea warm all morning.

16. Or these cute elephant- and sheep-shaped tea cozies that will make your morning brew a little more whimsical.

17. An instant-download printable you can buy and print 100 copies of to hang all over your office.

18. Two punny, kind of geeky teabag rests that will keep your brewed bags from dripping all over the place.

19. And of course, this classic Lionel Richie mug.

And for even *more* gifts for tea lovers, look here!

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