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Oct 18, 2017

21 Lazyish Halloween Costumes For Anyone Who's Always Cold

Be cool. Stay cozy.

We asked the BuzzFeed Community for the coziest costume they'd ever worn, and here are some of our favorites!

Some answers have been lightly edited for length or clarity. Some costumes were not submitted by Community members.

1. A faux-fur lion:

What you need: a faux-fur coat, animal ears, and face paint or basic eyeliner.

I went as a lion last year — borrowed my roommate’s faux fur coat. I was the only one who was warm at the rooftop Halloween party we went to and still looked fierce as hell. —kaylab21

To simplify the makeup, use black eyeliner or face paint to draw the nose and whiskers. You'll still look great!

2. A cozy Cruella de Vil:

What you need: a faux-fur coat, a dowel painted like a cigarette holder (or a real cigarette holder), gloves, and white or grey temporary hair coloring.

Cruella de Vil = coziness. —chelsear4a2860ace

3. An adaptable prickly cactus:

@brandy.hardy /, @emgow /

What you need: a green dress/sweatshirt/whatever green outfit you want, white pipe cleaners or yarn, hot glue, and faux flowers.

Get a how-to on Studio DIY.

4. A basic bat:

What you need: A black hoodie, black felt or cotton fabric, and hot glue, fabric glue, or a needle and thread.

In the tutorial on Betties 'n' Brimstone, they stitch the wings on, but you could definitely glue 'em instead.

If you're extra crafty, you can use an umbrella for the wings, too.

5. A throwback Jim and Pam:

What you need: Your finest business caj, printed Jim and Pam nametags.


6. A historically accurate Amelia Earheart:

What you need: Aviator cap, jacket, and scarf = Amelia Earhart. Add blood and gore for historical accuracy. —angferraguto

7. Almost any Pokémon:, Jon Premosch / BuzzFeed

What you need: A sweatshirt or long-sleeved shirt, matching pants, craft foam and hot glue.

Me dressed up as Umbreon for Halloween last year!! —simonej4417637cf

We have patterns you can use for 15 different simple Pokémon costumes here.

8. A diligent Hogwarts student:

What you need: A graduation robe, your own clothes, a scarf, and a wand.

I just used an old graduation robe instead of buying a Hogwarts robe on Amazon, added my parter's white formal shirt underneath a sweater and blue tie. #RavenclawPride —aryna2

9. A warm and crazy cat lady:

What you need: A robe, PJs, and stuffed toy cats. (A full-length, long-sleeved robe and long-sleeved PJs with pants would keep you the warmest!)

Crazy Cat Lady...a robe, a couple cat puppets, and some slippers. That and the “liquor sweater” kept me warm all night. —mega4b07fc735

10. A pig in a blanket:

11. A mischievous deviled egg:

@heatherrificc /

What you need: White foam core board, yellow construction paper, devil horns, and all-black or all-red clothes. Optional: a pitchfork or a red cape.

12. A slice of french toast:

@shontemarie /

What you need: A scarf, a beret, a long-sleeved black or striped shirt, and cardboard and paint to make your "toast".

13. A ~classic~ Beanie Baby:

What you need: A onesie, construction paper, glue or tape, and eyeliner.

I was a Beanie Baby—a Target onesie, some construction paper and glue, and eyeliner on my nose and lips and I was the coziest giraffe who ever lived. It was amazing. (I still wear this onesie on the regular.) —chelseaanneb

14. A Wilfred couple's costume:

What you need: A dog onesie, your own clothes.

Wilfred and Ryan. —gabik47d08d8da

15. Quick Batman and Catwoman:

What you need: All-black clothes, a batman t-shirt, masks, and cat accessories.

One year my partner and I were Batman and Catwoman, I'm all about the couples costumes. —aryna2

16. A toasty, darling Darla:

You need: A long-sleeved tee, pigtails, a plastic bag with a plastic fish, glasses, and something for the retainer, like two headbands or some craft wire.

I work at a school so I have so many different costumes for the different dress-up days! Here's one of my favorites, Darla from Finding Nemo. —aryna2

17. A not-too-troublesome Fantasia Mickey:

What you need: A red robe, that hat you got from Disney World ages ago, and a broom (or broom head).

The Fantasia Mickey outfit pulled double duty. The bathrobe and hat kept me warm and taping the broom head to my crutch as I needed it for my sprained ankle made it blend in! —ncsu07

18. An old-school paper doll:

What you need: cardboard, paint, a pencil, and a dream.

Paper doll from the 70's and teddy bear. —lashastag

*Okay, this is a little more complicated than other costumes on this list. But it's COOL, and easy enough to put together in just a few hours.

19. A festive Cat-in-the-Hat:

What you need: A cotton ball tummy, a Christmas bow and some gloves, boom! Cat in the Hat. —jenniferv4fbbb6379

20. An easy George RR Martin:

What you need: A large shirt, a pillow, suspenders, glasses, a beard, and a hat.

Highly recommend being George RR Martin for maximum coziness. Nothing warmer than a train engineer hat, beard, and pillow wrapped around your waist. —angferraguto

21. A shiver-free Linda Belcher:,

What you need: A pink or red three-quarter sleeve shirt or sweater, jeans, pink glasses, and an optional apron.

I was Linda Belcher last year — so easy with normal street clothes, and the wig and apron even kept me warm! —ivyd48acf90ea

I was Linda Belcher from Bob's Burgers for Halloween with the rest of my friends rounding out Bob's gang. I was so warm in my jeans and red sweater while everyone was shivering. All I needed to get were the red glasses and a red sweater! Cozy, fun, and cheap! Alright! —madisonannea

Happy Halloween! Stay cozy out there!


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