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    18 Ways To Actually Keep Your Closets Organized

    You're still going to have to get rid of that sweater you haven't worn in three years.

    1. First things first: Pare down your clothes inventory.

    2. If your room has the space but your closet doesn't, build a little extra rod space.

    3. Learn how to actually fold and store t-shirts so they take up less space — and so you can see them all at a glance.

    This is also a great technique for sweaters, which can lose their shape if you store them on hangers. Read more at Darkroom & Dearly.

    4. Repurpose old shoe boxes as drawer organizers.

    5. Double your hanging space with soda can tabs.

    Watch a video demonstrating how to do this here. But don't overdo it: If you hang too many hangers this way, the weight of the clothes could break the hangers, but if you either have strong hangers or stack only three or four pieces, it should hold fine.

    6. You can also use chains and s-hooks.

    7. Too many scarves? Use shower curtain rings to organize them on a hanger.

    8. A dowel and some rope can double your rod space, and help make kids clothes easier for small hands to reach.

    9. Keep the shoes you don't wear everyday organized somewhere else, like on a tray under the bed or other furniture.

    10. Or display them on tension rods.

    And if your shoe collection isn't quite this extensive, you can put the tension rods in the bottom of your closet for functional storage. From A Loyal Love.

    11. Find ways to use every bit of space, like with this rain gutter guard jewelry hanger.

    Most useful if you have a large collection of earrings, but you can also hang other things from this DIY from Blue Cricket Design.

    12. Put all of your tank tops on one mega hanger.

    13. For ties (which hang super flat), stick the tie rack up against the wall.

    14. Use a cute trunk to store out-of-season clothing or shoes, which can also double as a bench in small spaces.

    15. Hang catchalls on the inside of the door.

    16. Or add a couple of rods for easy scarf and belt organization.

    See how this closet transformation came together at Lindsey Crafter.

    17. If there's no space for shelving, you could still put a pretty hook on the inside of your door for planning the next day's outfit.

    18. Find ways to use all of your awkward spaces.

    View Along The Way went all-out with this DIY closet ~makeover~, and has helpful tutorials and plans for every single bit of it, from the shelves to the drawers to the wallpaper to the chandelier.

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