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15 Cheap And Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Cheerful


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3. Paint a basic basket with your favorite color combo and use it to store blankets or shoes.

Or whatever you need. You can get a similar basket at Ikea for $12.99, and learn how to transform it into something super bright here.

5. Slice yourself a piece of funfetti pillow cake.

You can either hand-stitch straight lines or use fabric glue — but anyone can do it! This tutorial will show you how. (And if you actually want to BAKE a funfetti cake, here's a great recipe.)

7. Paint and paper the tops of affordable Ikea step stools.

Do this in the course of two afternoons: first, paint the stool and let dry. Then, go to town with the paper. Get the full step-by-step here.

The unpainted stools are $14 each here.

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