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    15 Cheap And Easy Ways To Make Your Bedroom More Cheerful

    ROY G. BIV!

    Zoe Burnett / BuzzFeed

    1. Cut out Matisse-inspired shapes from card stock, then frame them for your walls.

    It's a cheap, easy, and ~artsy~ option to splash some color on white walls. Here are all the details.

    2. Recover a plain and boring lampshade with strips of bright fabric.

    Hot glue guns can do pretty much anything — learn more here.

    3. Paint a basic basket with your favorite color combo and use it to store blankets or shoes.

    Or whatever you need. You can get a similar basket at Ikea for $12.99, and learn how to transform it into something super bright here.

    4. Dye a thrift-store rug using a spray bottle and a plastic tarp.

    It's way easier than you think! Learn how here.

    5. Slice yourself a piece of funfetti pillow cake.

    You can either hand-stitch straight lines or use fabric glue — but anyone can do it! This tutorial will show you how. (And if you actually want to BAKE a funfetti cake, here's a great recipe.)

    6. Dip-dye flower pots like they're Easter eggs.

    Seriously! Here's how.

    7. Paint and paper the tops of affordable Ikea step stools.

    Do this in the course of two afternoons: first, paint the stool and let dry. Then, go to town with the paper. Get the full step-by-step here.

    The unpainted stools are $14 each here.

    8. Tie back your curtains with bright tassels on a leather cord.

    9. Turn a lump of clay into a brushstroke coaster with a little paint.

    The coasters can hold your bed side water for sipping while you read at night. Here's how to make them.

    10. Embroider a simple pattern to hang on your wall (or your bedroom door).

    Trust me, I learned to embroider not too long ago, and it's so easy to pick up! Here's a pattern to get you started.

    11. Wrap clay around votive holders to fancy them up with an ~ombré~ pattern.

    This is an easy craft for kids, too! Here's the tutorial.

    12. Embellish the top of your dresser with colorful wallpaper (and a few of your favorite books).

    The tutorial uses removable wallpaper, so if you mess it up, you can easily fix it.

    13. Then replace the knobs on your dresser with hand-painted wooden ones.

    You can get everything you need for these at a craft store. Here's how to do the geometric patterns.

    14. Paint the inside shelves of your furniture for a fun focal point.

    It looks like a relaxing swimming pool! Here's how to do it.

    15. And if you're feeling extra crafty, try sewing this super easy blanket to drape over your bed.

    Get the pattern here for $12.

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