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    19 Ways To Have The Literary Wedding Of Your Dreams

    Book it to the altar.

    Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

    1. Save-the-dates that look like vintage library cards.

    The style on the left is $48.75 for the minimum order of 25 cards and envelopes, here. The style on the right is $56.25 for a set of 25 (although the price per invite depends on how many you order), here.

    2. Invitations that are basically little handmade books.

    With your personalized story inside. Invitations start at $6 each with a lowered base price depending on how many you order (and it's $7 for a custom sample). You can get them here.

    3. Pretty vintage books repurposed as colorful centerpieces...

    Babb Photo / Via

    Accompanied by candles and flowers, of course. See more of this wedding here.

    4. ...Or as a literature-lover's version of table numbers.

    Becca Dilley Photography / Via

    See more from this library wedding here.

    5. And if you're big Harry Potter fans, you could name your tables after locations in your favorite fictional universe.

    BG Productions / Via

    See more of this Harry Potter wedding here.

    6. A bookish wedding topper that you can customize to look like you and your partner.

    It's a sweet custom piece you can keep even after you've devoured your cake. $60, here.

    7. Tiny typewriters that could hold table numbers or place cards.

    $11.70 for a set of six, here.

    8. A book-shaped box to hold your rings and your vows.

    You can keep the vows in the box after the wedding, too. Get it for $60, here.

    9. A set of book page luminaries.

    Let the words light your way, with the help of LED candles. Five for $50, here. (Btw, they're made from books that would be recycled anyway).

    10. Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy earrings for every bridesmaid.

    Made from used books or books destined for pulping, don't worry. Get them for $8.78 per pair here.

    11. A Shire-worthy printable to hang on the door to your venue.

    It's $3.81, here.

    12. Starbursts of beautiful words to hang as literary decorations.

    Like behind your DJ, as part of a photo wall, or as a backdrop for your ceremony. The pages are sourced from places that would have recycled the books if they weren't repurposed as these pretty decorations. $28 for a set of three, here.

    13. Book-shaped cakes with all of your favorite titles.

    This is by Boulby's, so if you live in the UK and want one for your wedding, check them out.

    14. Velvet shoes decorated with the printed page.

    Imagine them peeking out from beneath a fluffy white dress! Fear not — they're made from scanned PDFs of books in the public domain, printed out on computer paper. Get them for $48.88 here.

    15. Cufflinks that feature your favorite book cover or illustration.

    They're $22 each, here and here.

    16. Place settings that each feature one used book.

    Asassynation / Via

    They make for cute favors, too. From here.

    17. A ring pillow or a garter that hints at your favorite series.

    This pillow is $17.55 here, and this garter is $19 here.

    18. Or a cake servers emblazoned with your favorite literary lines.

    Customize and order yours here for $68.

    19. An archway that looks like a little library.

    White Photographie / Via

    I solemnly swear. From here.