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    21 Wall Art Projects That Are Actually Affordable

    Budget beauties.

    1. This half-framed hanging print.

    2. These framed sheets of marbled paper.

    Learn how to make the circle mat here, and how to cut a sheet to fit a rectangular frame here.

    3. This colorful hanging yarn art.

    4. This painted pineapple.

    5. This geometric cork board.

    6. This colorful collection of stones.

    7. This dual-panel mounted photo.

    8. These criss-crossed pieces of Washi tape.

    9. This Anthropologie knock-off made with Sharpies and a canvas.

    10. This starburst made with copper tape.

    11. This length of fabric stretched over a frame.

    12. This woven welcome mat hung on a dowel.

    13. This geometric IRL Instagram feed.

    14. This flexible display that lets you swap in kids art, pretty paper, or whatever you're in the mood for at the moment.

    15. These brightly painted wood shims.

    16. These framed swatches of an old scarf.

    17. This simple and colorful painting.

    18. These fabric swatch embroidery hoops.

    19. This macrame-like, no-weave wall hanging made from a table runner.

    20. These simple computer prints Mod Podged onto painted canvases.

    21. This stained-glass-like masterpiece.