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    23 Gifts For People Who Love Pizza More Than They Love You

    Any pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough.

    1. A shirt that shamelessly declares their love of the ultimate food to the entire damn world.

    From left to right: $22.40, $98, and $28.

    2. A pool float that's in the shape of their favorite slice.

    Could also work as a pizza-shaped nap mattress. Left: $66. Right: $29.99.

    3. Cute earrings dripping with delicious cheese and a pie-perfect friendship necklace.

    Bless you, gooey cheese. If you get them the necklace, you can keep a slice for yourself. The custom made earrings are $27.75 here, and the necklace is $3.10 per slice here.

    4. A sturdy cardboard stool in the shape of the most beautiful stack on earth.

    5. A giant pizza pie towel so they can dry off before their mid-afternoon slice.

    6. Pizza scissors with a convenient slice holder.

    7. A journal that will always make them feel completely understood.

    8. A phone case that will make them crave pizza every time they're texting you.

    Then maybe they will associate pizza with you, which will make them like you more. $35 each, here and here.

    9. Sunglasses that declare their ultimate undying love to everybody they pass on the street.

    10. Tattoos that literally let them put their favorite food all over their body.

    Get a couple dozen, and your pizza-loving friend rock 'em on every limb and on their neck and maybe even their face. (They're temporary, don't worry). $5 for two, here and here.

    11. A pretty string of slices that glow with the light of the pizza gods.

    12. The ultimate PJs for pizza consumption at one in the morning.

    13. Clocks that know that anytime is pizza time.

    They're $30 each, here and here.

    14. A pizza-shaped beanbag chair for cozy lounging.

    15. Pepperoni pizza socks...

    16. ...and sleek slice shoes.

    17. A pizza-kini.

    18. A pizza-shaped sleeping bag to cuddle up for the sweetest of dreams.

    19. A pizza pouch, so they're never without a backup slice.

    20. Speakers for listening to their favorite cheesy songs.

    21. A giant pizza tattoo blanket.

    So they can cuddle up under it while they watch Netflix and inhale a Grandma pie. $49, here.

    22. A pillow that is the same size and shape as a real pizza would be.

    23. And a pizza onesie to don when they reach pizza nirvana.