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    23 Gifts For People Who Love Pizza More Than They Love You

    Any pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard enough.

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    1. A shirt that shamelessly declares their love of the ultimate food to the entire damn world.

    From left to right: $22.40, $98, and $28.

    2. A pool float that's in the shape of their favorite slice.

    Could also work as a pizza-shaped nap mattress. Left: $66. Right: $29.99.

    3. Cute earrings dripping with delicious cheese and a pie-perfect friendship necklace.

    Bless you, gooey cheese. If you get them the necklace, you can keep a slice for yourself. The custom made earrings are $27.75 here, and the necklace is $3.10 per slice here.

    4. A sturdy cardboard stool in the shape of the most beautiful stack on earth.

    $30.29, here.

    5. A giant pizza pie towel so they can dry off before their mid-afternoon slice.

    Pepperoni only, I'm afraid. $49.95, here.

    6. Pizza scissors with a convenient slice holder.

    Slicing has never been easier. $16, here.

    7. A journal that will always make them feel completely understood.

    It's $16, here.

    8. A phone case that will make them crave pizza every time they're texting you.

    Then maybe they will associate pizza with you, which will make them like you more. $35 each, here and here.

    9. Sunglasses that declare their ultimate undying love to everybody they pass on the street.

    Their favorite pizza parlor will love them, too. They're $52, here.

    10. Tattoos that literally let them put their favorite food all over their body.

    Get a couple dozen, and your pizza-loving friend rock 'em on every limb and on their neck and maybe even their face. (They're temporary, don't worry). $5 for two, here and here.

    11. A pretty string of slices that glow with the light of the pizza gods.

    Who needs fairy lights when you can have pizza lights? They're $24.99, here.

    12. The ultimate PJs for pizza consumption at one in the morning.

    Nothing like PJs and pizza. $24.99, here.

    13. Clocks that know that anytime is pizza time.

    They're $30 each, here and here.

    14. A pizza-shaped beanbag chair for cozy lounging.

    It says it's "adult-sized", although the photo makes it looks like kids might be comfier. It's $99.60, here.

    15. Pepperoni pizza socks...

    $14, here.

    16. ...and sleek slice shoes.

    Warning: if you get a pizza lover pizza shoes and pizza socks, they will probably wear them at the same time. These are $85, here.

    17. A pizza-kini.

    Sure, okay. If you know them well enough to buy them a swimsuit. $65 here.

    18. A pizza-shaped sleeping bag to cuddle up for the sweetest of dreams.

    (That's dreams about eating hundreds of delicious slices and never feeling full). This gift could be from Santa: it's $200, here.

    19. A pizza pouch, so they're never without a backup slice.

    Fashion. It's $8, here.

    20. Speakers for listening to their favorite cheesy songs.

    True lovers have a personalized pizza-eating playlist. $19.95, here.

    21. A giant pizza tattoo blanket.

    So they can cuddle up under it while they watch Netflix and inhale a Grandma pie. $49, here.

    22. A pillow that is the same size and shape as a real pizza would be.

    Get one for $29 here.

    23. And a pizza onesie to don when they reach pizza nirvana.

    Let them be one with their pizza. It's $129.95, and worth every penny. Get it here.