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    21 Dog Outfits You Won't Believe You Can Actually Buy

    Amazingly absurd, or absurdly amazing?

    Natalie Brown / BuzzFeed

    1. This ombré day dress.

    2. This full bridal party set.

    Buy them here: bride dress, bridesmaids dress, and tuxedo.

    3. This hipster-or-glam onesie.

    4. This bright "Crazy Daisy" dress.

    5. This over-the-top tutu dress.

    6. This reversible number.

    7. This prince charming outfit.

    8. This polka dotted bow number.

    9. This left-shark Halloween costume.

    Custom made. Get it here.

    10. This "Glam Fairy Punk Princess" gown.

    11. This dress for the French fashionista.

    12. This simple gingham day dress.

    Comes with a matching hat, not shown. Get it here.

    13. This handmade purple tutu.

    It's "perfect for dogs and cats, or even potbelly pigs." Buy it here.

    14. This poofy blue calico dress.

    15. This creative cosplay piece.

    16. This Audrey Hepburn-esque "cinema skirt."

    17. This "tutu-riffic" outfit accented with a leopard print bow.

    18. This outfit that just screams "night on the town."

    Yes, that rhinestone belt is included. Buy it here.

    19. This sweater appropriate only for the most ~artsy~ pup.

    20. This bright brocade gown.

    Glamorous is as glamorous does. Available here.

    21. And...finally...these two luxury pieces.

    The Joy Dog Gown (left) is $2,640 here. And the Baroque Brocade Gown (right) is practically a bargain at $2,200 here.