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    Flight Attendants Swear By These 24 Travel Products (And Soon You May, Too)

    They know what's actually worth it, because they travel *so much*.

    We asked flight attendants in the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about all the best travel products, and here are their recommendations!

    1. A collapsible, refillable, leakproof water bottle that won't take up a ton of room in your bag when you don't need it (like when you're going through security) but expands to hold a full 22 ounces that you can fill at a water fountain. TBH, pretty much every flight attendant who commented mentioned a refillable water bottle, because it's true that flying seriously dehydrates you!

    blue water bottle full of water and standing up, then empty and curled up to 1/3 of its regular size

    2. Or a water bottle with a filter so you can fill your bottle at pretty much any sink or water fountain and KNOW that it's going to taste delicious, not funky or chlorine-y.

    pink transparent water bottle with easy-sip straw, leak-proof lid, and a filter that fits inside the straw

    3. A resealable travel-size pack of antibacterial wipes because planes and airports can get germy, and these can wipe up a tray table and your hands before you eat, potentially saving you from someone else's cold.

    box of wet ones fresh scent travel-size packs

    4. A tube of Weleda Skin Food, which is an ultrarich, plant-based moisturizer that helps combat the dry skin that goes along with all the dehydration flying brings.

    model squeezing the white cream onto their hand

    5. And for those extra-long flights, a pack of sheet masks to help give your skin an extra boost of serious moisture and hydration.

    6. A set of four packing cubes so you can efficiently fit lots of clothing in your bag without messing up your careful folding and organization just because you need that one pair of pants that happen to be all the way at the bottom, beneath your neatly stacked tops.

    reviewer's clothes all laid out in a pile on their bed before; then after, everything fit into the packing cubes

    7. A mini-steamer to quickly coax all the wrinkles out of your clothes, no ironing board required — even if your clothes have been stuffed into packing cubes for just so. many. hours.

    8. A little collapsible travel kettle and a French press travel mug because hotel coffee is decidedly not tasty most of the time, and this lets you genuinely enjoy your morning caffeine boost.

    9. A black sweater that you can rely on to keep you cozy pretty much however you happen to be dressed, so you can pack light and stay warm every time the plane, hotel, museum, or restaurant is just a tad too chilly.

    10. An Add-a-Lock, which will give you a little extra peace of mind (without taking up much space in your luggage), especially if you end up staying somewhere with a wobbly security chain.

    11. A pair of compression socks — if your feet, ankles, or legs usually swell or ache when you have a long flight, these just might help prevent it next time.

    Reviewer in black knee-high socks with white polka dots

    12. Some silicone earplugs so you can completely avoid that terrible discomfort during landing and block out a bunch of the background noise without completely muting everything around you.

    box of the original ear planes plugs that claim to reduce harsh noise and help inflight ear discomfort

    13. A perfectly clear reusable bag designed specifically for packing all your carry-on liquids under three ounces so security's a breeze. It'll be both much more durable *and* at least a little bigger than that one beat-up Ziploc you've used for going on three years now!

    14. A lightweight, compact, and high-speed portable charger because your phone takes SO much stress out of travel — between providing entertainment, helping you find a good restaurant to try, and guiding you from A to B — and this will keep your battery out of the red.

    model holding charger next to phone, with diagram showing the charger is 0.57 inches thick

    15. A Velcro-powered Trtl travel pillow that you can easily adjust into the *perfect* position to help stop your head from doing that painful slow bobbing nod as you try to somehow sleep while sitting up.

    model with pillow wrapped around her neck supporting her head to the left

    16. A weighted sleep mask so you can block out even the tiniest bit of light from your seat mate's overhead light, and get a little bit better sleep, even in generally uncomfortable circumstances. Plus, the weight could help you de-stress, like a tiny weighted blanket!

    Model wears black mask over their eyes while curled up in bed

    17. Some tasty melatonin sleep gummies that could help boost your natural sleep hormones and help you feel relaxed so your international or red-eye flight doesn't leave you quite so exhausted on the other end.

    the round circular purple gummies

    18. Or some homeopathic jet lag pills because reviewers say they help you feel at least a little less groggy and disoriented when you land, without messing up your sleep (or at least your attempts at it) on the plane.

    box of the pills

    19. And, of course, a Kindle Paperwhite because it lets you carry dozens of books with you at once, but weighs just a little over 6 ounces — *and* can 100% handle it if you want to take it in the bath with you.

    the e-reader tablet

    20. A pair of Clarks heels so you can look plenty professional but still stay comfortable on any business trips...even if you have to stand in a long line when you get to the airport and an even longer line at security.

    reviewer wearing pointed-tow low-heeled black pump

    21. A hydrating skin mist to help your skin hold on to moisture through long layovers — and to give yourself a moment where you can feel super fresh and maybe even relaxed.

    22. An oversize travel cooler so you can prep and pack up to several days' worth of meals, if you prefer, and know they'll stay fresh and cold during the flight, stashed under the seat in front of you.

    23. A tiny pack of 200 hand soap sheets because you never know when you'll run into a bathroom with no soap and be incredibly grateful to pull these out of your bag. Just one sheet is enough to get a nice and sudsy wash!

    small pink container and small pink rectangular sheets about the size of half a palm

    24. An airplane footrest — you can loop it over your tray table and *immediately* feel SO much more comfortable. My mom bought one of these to use on a long flight earlier this year, and she said it worked really well! Some reviewers say it even helps prevent their feet from swelling, too.

    reviewer on a plane, with feet in the sling-like flexible foam footrest

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