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    25 Essential Cooking Tools Every Cook Needs In Their Kitchen

    Basics and beyond.

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community about the kitchen products they don't think anyone should live without. Here are some of their best responses!

    1. A countertop toaster oven that can make anything from pizza to chicken nuggets to yes, even cookies — all while saving a little $$ on your energy bill, because you don't have to heat up the big oven for a small meal.

    2. A set of heat-proof (up to 600°F!) silicone spatulas for mixing, scrambling, and serving 'til your heart's content — oh, and for scraping every last bit of buttercream out of the bowl, too.

    3. A bench scraper that can transport your whole pile of chopped ingredients from the cutting board to your pot in one (or two...) fell swoop(s).

    4. A y-peeler sharp enough to glide right over potatoes, cucumbers, or apples as effortlessly as an gold-medal figure skater on the ice.

    5. Or a peeler ring that fits right into your palm so you know your fingers are (almost) always completely protected from the sharp blade.

    6. A slicer, spiralizer, and core-remover for pineapple, if it's your favorite fruit or you eat it quite a bit when it's in season.

    7. An adjustable-height mandoline slicer that makes cutting precise slices of veggies as simple as waving your hand.

    8. A Microplane grater and zester for making the most delicate, flavorful, finely-grated pieces of ginger, citrus peel, and cheese in basically no time at all — but is probably most useful if you cook with garlic.

    9. A set of good, sharp knives to make it easy tackle almost any chopping, slicing, or dicing task you make it your mission to achieve.

    10. Or a smaller set of three truly essential knives that TBH will prep almost anything perfectly well.

    11. A sharpening stone for keeping all your new precious knives at the very top of their game.

    12. A pair of kitchen shears that'll make it easy to chop fresh herbs, trim meats, cut up big leafy greens like kale, and spatchcock chicken, among other things.

    13. A silicone baking sheet liner — it'll help provide ~even heat transfer~ to your cookies while they bake, so they come out evenly and perfectly done batch after batch.

    14. A non-stick rice cooker so you can make perfectly done rice without even really trying — and steam veggies at the same time.

    15. A basic blender, because life's better with boozy slushies, custom salsa/pesto, midnight milkshakes, and whatever other crazy concoctions you decide to create.

    16. And an immersion blender that you can stick directly in your pot of pasta sauce or vegetable soup — or use with a tall glass to make single-serving smoothies.

    17. An Instant Pot, especially if you work or are busy all day, then come home and want a quick but delicious dinner in the evening.

    18. If you really, really love a delicious, single cup of coffee, an espresso maker — it'll basically turn one corner of your kitchen into the perfect little Italian coffee shop.

    19. A stand mixer to make all sorts of kitchen tasks a thousand times simpler, whether you're baking a cake, making fresh whipped cream for strawberries, or even just need to shred some cooked chicken.

    20. An enameled dutch oven that'll be your home base for soups, stews, pastas, sauces, chilis, braises, and sometimes even roasts and breads.

    21. And a cast-iron skillet — it makes it easy to cook a little on the stovetop, then pop in the oven to brown potatoes, simmer beans, or bake chicken thighs.

    22. A compact food processor that'll do (almost) all the work of dicing and mincing for you while taking up the least storage space possible.

    23. An electric kettle — besides making afternoon tea and pour-over coffee in a jiffy, it can also get water boiling for pasta faster than your stove.

    24. An instant-read thermometer that'll tell you precisely when your prime rib's done exactly the way you like it.

    25. A pizza stone to upgrade the crust on your homemade pie, help frozen pizza cook more quickly and evenly, and re-heat your leftover slices so they taste fresh and crispy again.

    You, after eating all the incredible food you make in your well-equipped kitchen:

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    Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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