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19 Fixes For Every Clothing Emergency

You're about to give a presentation in front of the whole class — or all of your co-workers. And your button falls off.

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1. Use the wire from a twist tie to secure a broken button.

It'll hold until you can get your hands on a needle and thread. (Beware that this works best on sweaters and cardigans — it could hurt other fabrics). Read more about how to do it here.

2. Dab some clear nail polish on a button that's ~about~ to pop off, but hasn't yet.

You'll still want to sew it back on securely later, but this will hold things for a day if you're in a hurry. See the full tutorial here.


12. Chew up a piece of gum to use as a temporary adhesive for a broken heel.

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A little gross, yes. Not really a permanent solution, yes. Save your ass when you're about to walk into an interview — yes.

15. Pick up some fabric peel and stick adhesive to hold down annoying flaps — or fix a small hole.

Packing tape or double stick tape would work similarly, but wouldn't be a permanent fix, like the fabric adhesive would be. From here.


16. Keep a scarf in your locker or desk in case you splatter food on yourself.

While it's almost always best to rinse out a stain with cool water as soon as you possibly can, you can't necessarily wear a damp shirt at the office. With a scarf, you can just cover up the damage until you get home. You can get this scarf (which is made in Scotland!) for $68 here.

17. Get rid of wrinkles in a shirt collar with some water and a hand dryer.

This won't work for a shirt or dress that's wrinkled all over, but if there's a small patch of fabric on your shirt that's wrinkled (like your collar), use a little moisture and the automatic hand dryer to get rid of them. (This is easier if you take the piece of clothing off first, but sometimes that's not feasible).

First, wet your hand with some water. Then, flick droplets of water onto the wrinkled area (you're mimicking a spray bottle here). Once the area is a little damp, hold the wrinkled area taut, and put it under the hand dryer until it's dry.

19. Worst comes to worst, you can always staple a seam back together.

But you should know that this can damage your clothes to the point that you may not be able to repair them. It'll hold for the day, though!