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    21 Eco-Friendly Cleaning Hacks That'll Make You Say "I Wish I'd Known About These Sooner!"

    Whoa, that's smart.

    1. Cut up old 100% cotton t-shirts you don't wear anymore to make the best washable, reusable cleaning rags.

    2. Remove hard water stains with a simple wipe by soaking hand towels or washcloths in vinegar, wrapping them around the stains, and letting everything soak for an hour.

    3. Swap out dryer sheets for reusable felted wool dryer balls, so you make less trash and your clothes still come out soft as can be.

    4. And majorly cut down on the drying time for any load by adding a clean, dry towel to the beginning of the cycle, then removing it after about 15 minutes.

    5. Coax hard water stains off your glass shower doors by dipping half a lemon in kosher or another coarse salt and embracing the elbow grease.

    6. Crush egg shells to make both scrubbing stubborn gunk out of a pan *and* washing dried-on smoothie or sauce out of a jar incredibly easy.

    7. Customize a personal all-purpose cleaner in a sturdy, refillable glass spray bottle to cut down on buying multiple plastic-packaged cleaning products.

    8. You can also infuse vinegar with your favorite citrus and herb combinations to make a gently scented all-purpose cleaner out of kitchen scraps and leftovers.

    9. Sprinkle of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to take your sink from scummy to sparkling.

    10. Same goes for white sneakers: a coating of hydrogen peroxide and baking soda can save the day.

    11. Reuse newspaper to get a streak- and lint-free shine on all sorts of glass, like windows and mirrors.

    12. Mix baking soda, citric acid, and a little bit of dish soap together to clean your toilets by just dropping in a little pod.

    13. And scrub out stubborn hard water deposits and stains from your toilets and tub with a pumice stone, no harsh solvents required.

    14. Dust your ceiling fan by sliding a pillowcase over each blade to trap the dirt, instead of just brushing it back into the air.

    15. Vinegar + water + lemon can steam-clean your microwave to sparkling with almost no effort on your part.

    16. Dissolve and buff off rust by dipping an aluminum foil ball in vinegar, then scrubbing gently.

    17. Tackle mysterious set-in carpet stains with a color-safe cleaning cloth, an iron, and some vinegar.

    18. Squeegee or scrape the extra food off your dishes instead of rinsing, and you'll save water *and* time.

    19. The next time you need a new mop, create a Cuban bar mop one! It uses two pieces of wood and an old hand towel to get your floors sparkling clean.

    20. Wipe off the sticky, oily buildup that slowly accrues on your range hood and around your kitchen (thanks, cooking) with a dab of olive or coconut oil.

    21. Mix baking soda and coconut oil together to clean off tougher sticky messes, like the gunk left behind by stickers or labels on glass.

    You, feeling like a genius wizard after trying these hacks:

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