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    5 Insanely Clever DIYs That Are Actually Easy

    With tips to make yours come out as nicely as the pics!

    1. Transform a $3 placemat into a clutch worthy of a designer boutique.

    2. Hot glue rope around a basket, box, tub, or whatever to make a pretty basket.

    You can use anything for your form, because you're going to pull the form out at the end. Make sure to pick a cord that is going to be stiff enough to stand up on it's own without the form in the middle of it.

    Here's the step-by-step.

    3. Convert empty liquor bottles into homemade tiki torches to light up your outdoor evenings.

    4. Fake pre-war charm by using grosgrain ribbon as faux molding on your walls.

    5. Dress up one of those typical blue and white coolers with the help of a few basic craft supplies.

    All of your friends will ask where you got it. Assuming you go for the contact paper on top, make sure you measure, measure, and measure again before you cut. And if you intend to put this cooler to pretty heavy use (I mean, who doesn't), then make sure you don't skip the acrylic coat, $6.61.

    Here's how to make it and make it right.