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    22 Pairs Of Durable Shoes That You Can Actually Wear Every Single Day

    Quality that'll last you even if you never want to take them off.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Unless otherwise noted, all sizes are listed in womens. 

    1. An iconic Adidas slide sandal because your arches crave comfort and they're excellent for dozens of casual situations where you're on your feet, from wandering your local beach boardwalk to taking the dog out back to meal prepping for the week.

    Promising review: "Podiatrist told me to wear these around the house and never go barefoot. I have plantar fasciitis. If I cheat, my feet are feeling it. So I don't go without them anywhere inside. Don't think that memory foam is better because it feels softer. Unless you're a small child, you need something that will bear your weight and absorb the shock of the footsteps. Memory foam smashes down flat and that's it. Completely useless and ineffective. Been wearing these sandals for 10 years. Don't get them wet though. It will wear away the strap. Just bought these again. I hope they last as long." —Curly Bill I Ain't Kiddin Neither

    Get them from Amazon for $45+ (available in men's sizes 3-15 and eight colors). 

    2. Some classic Converse Chuck Taylors you already know will last because they're basically the only shoe your BFF wore freshman, sophomore, and junior years of high school — and they looked even better the more loved (and covered in music lyrics) they were.

    model putting on black all-star high-tops with logo on ankle, white laces, and white toe cap
    @converse /

    FYI in case you it's been a few years since you've worn 'em, these have basically zero arch support; if that's something that you need, keep scrolling! 

    Promising reviews: "These are my go-to shoes! Super cute, matches any outfit, and also really comfortable! Also true to size." —Kiara S. 

    "They're my go-to when I'm out and about. Still looking fresh!" —L.W.

    Get them from Converse for $60 (available in sizes 5 womens/3 mens–18 womens/16 mens and a rotating variety of colors; you can also customize your own) or from Amazon for $60+ (available in sizes 5.5 womens/3.5 mens-16 women / 14 men, and up to four colors). 

    3. A pair of Rothy's washable flats perfect if you're tired of throwing out shoes that get unbearably stinky after just a few months of wear, because that's just what happens when you wear shoes without socks.

    Rothy's /, Sheera Frenkel / BuzzFeed

    I've owned and loved my one pair of these since 2017, when a few of us first reviewed 'em. They are by far the pair of shoes I wear most often (my Birks come in close second), precisely because — besides being incredibly comfortable, especially once they form to your feet — they're so easy to wash the moment they start to smell. I usually gently hand wash 'em with a scrub brush in my tub because I live in NYC and don't have access to one in my apartment, but I've washed them in a machine several times back at my parents place and they hold up really well. TBH mine STILL look as new as they did when I first got them, and FWIW I find I can wear mine for a couple of weeks before they get stinky (unlike the reviewer below). I'm wearing them right now! Oh, and it's just a perk that they're made from recycled water bottles.

    Promising review: "I love these shoes, and will slowly build up a wardrobe of them. Right now I have black and navy. The black are more than a year old (have been washed more times than I can remember) and are still in great shape, so I feel like they are worth the investment. They are incredibly comfortable. Only real downside: they do make your feet stink after a few (5–10) wears, but then it's just time to throw them in the wash and all is well. Mainly an issue when I am wearing them day after day in the summer." —Karen W.

    Get them from Rothy's for $125+ (four styles available in many patterns; sizes 5-12, including half sizes).

    4. Some supportive, summer-ready Birkenstocks that have a sole so incredibly durable you could trek all over Europe in them without a single complaint. (I know — I personally swear by 'em for walking miles in NYC, even with my plantar fasciitis.)

    model's feet wearing two-strap flat sandal with a big shiny buckle on each strap

    I bought my first pair of Birks in the spring of either 2016 or 2017, and haven't looked back since. I now have two pairs — the second I got in 2019 — and while the first at this point needs one of its bottom soles replaced, they're both otherwise in excellent condition, which is remarkable considering I literally go back and forth between them and my Rothy's almost exclusively anytime the weather is above 70 degrees. (Also remarkable: you can legit get them repaired! You'd just have to find a certified repair center near you, using the brand's handy map.) 

    I've taken them to Mexico City and Italy along with all the time I spend wearing them in NYC, and on both walking-heavy trips, they kept my feet consistently comfy and blister-free. The secret's twofold: their cork-blend bottoms, which are made for all of our Goldilocks feet (not too cushiony, not too hard, but juuuuust right) and their leather straps that are soft where they meet your feet, so even if you have rose gold shininess on the top, you only have soft, non-blistering leather touching your skin. Their support is the only thing that helps keep my plantar fasciitis under control (I also own a pair of their arch supports, which I often wear with my Rothy's), and I've been known to wear 'em around the house in the winter for precisely this reason. 

    Promising review: "I purchased these for a two-week tour of Italy four years ago and they were great. Lots of walking and standing without foot pain or leg fatigue. I have worn them ever since and after four years, needed a second pair. The color goes with everything. Great arch support and no flopping like a traditional flip-flop." —Dee L, Zappos Customer

    Get them from Nordstrom, Zappos, or Free People for $79.95+ (available in sizes 35-46 and multiple colors and styles). All three places also have a waterproof version available, too, if that's something you need! (FYI, the brand doesn't sell on Amazon). 

    5. The medical-professional-endorsed Dansko Professional clogs, which are a classic for multiple reasons: they're not too heavy, they feature an ergonomic contoured footbed with plenty of arch support, they're slip-resistant on wet, dry, and oily surfaces, and you can find them in so. many. colors., Amazon

    Promising review: "I have been wearing Danskos for almost 10 years now. Love that there are so many pattern/color choices for a shoe that is not really considered “stylish”. These are the only shoes I will wear to work, they are a bit snug at first but will stretch a bit with wear. I have pairs that I’ve had for 5 years and still wear. At the end of a long day with patients my feet don’t hurt at all, not like they would when I would wear tennis shoes that were just as expensive. Keep in mind that your heel should slide up and down slightly when you walk for a correct fit." —m4brave

    Get them from Amazon for $124.95+ (available in sizes 4.5–12, including narrow and wide options, in over 50 colors, although not all sizes are available in all colors). Or find even more colors at a different Amazon listing for $119.94+.

    6. Or a pair of closed-toe Dansko sandals because they still have most of the credentials of the professional kind (arch support being the most notable), plus look like they wouldn't absolutely make your feet sweat or blister up in 90-degree weather.

    pair of black, 1"-heeled sandals with toe platform to match (keeping toes naturally aligned) and an ankle strap to help keep them on

    Promising reviews: "Worth the money. Perfect! Gorgeous with everything and excellent support. I wear them to work daily for an 8+ hourly. Wonderful and will buy a second pair." —Coco

    "I bought mine three years ago. I've worn them everyday to work six months out of the year. I've finally worn them out. I've stood all day on my feet on concrete floors inside of a school. They are GREAT shoes!" —Hadassah

    Get them from Amazon for $124.95 (available in sizes 4.5-13 and two colors). 

    7. A pair of super solid Timberland waterproof boots ready to trek with you through the woods on this week's vacation, to the worksite every day next week, then even out to dinner as part of your latest favorite outfit when the weekends roll around.

    reviewer in the taupe lace-up high-top leather boots with lug soles and woven laces

    Promising reviews: "Great boots. Christmas present for my daughter. I've owned mine for almost 15 years and they're still in great shape." —stevenW

    "I've been wearing Timberland boots for about 20 years. I live in Boston and our winters can get pretty tough with lots of snow and ice so these boots are perfect for winter. I love the style and the rugged sole, I love the color, they fit perfectly. They're always a little snug when I first buy them but with normal wear, they tend to relax after a while. Timberlands are my favorite boots for fall and winter." —A.B.

    Get them from Amazon for $113.99+ (available in 5-11, including half-size and wide options, and up to 5 colors). 

    8. Memory foam, rubber-bottom slip-on house shoes if you refuse to let go of the super casual aesthetic you adopted during peak quarantine. They're soft and supportive but also capable of handling things if you have to walk to the mailbox or dash out quickly to wave a neighbor down.

    reviewer's feet in woven, sherpa-fabric lined slippers

    BTW, multiple reviewers say that they needed to order one size up!

    Promising reviews: "This is my second pair of these slippers. After a day or two they are broken in comfortably. I wore my first pair everyday for over a year. Decided to get a new pair. The old ones are at the door for quick access for outside. New ones for in the house. Love these slippers!" —Kindle Customer

    "Bought these slippers for my mom over a year ago. The slippers have held up nicely from being worn everyday and being put in the washing machine. The soles have kept up and haven’t torn." —Kyrstin Teeter

    Get them from Amazon for $24.90+ (available in sizes 5-12 and 7 colors).

    9. A pair of patterned jute mules for a little pop of color that'll go with pretty much everything summery in your closet, which is key if you want a pair of shoes you can wear over and over again!

    model wears almond-toe flat jute-sole muleswith blue-striped white fabric on top, completed with red and yellow diamond embroidery and a red tassel each

    They're vegan shoes and primarily plastic-free (the fabric and thread, including the tassels and embroidery, are 100% recycled). The only plastic is in the sole, and it's 10–12% recycled ocean plastic. Solana is a small business based in Richmond, Virginia! 

    Promising review: "Honestly I was so so impressed with these shoes! The quality is outstanding and they are super comfortable and easy to wear!! Been wearing them ever since I got them!" —Dana

    Get them from Solana for $139 (available in sizes 6-11). 

    10. A pair of leather Chelsea boots that haven't cut corners, unlike the pair you bought last year that are already falling apart. While many shoes only have a leather upper (and maybe a leather heel), these have a full-glove leather lining and leather-covered comfort insoles, too.

    Model wearing the black boots with black skiny jeans

    Which all adds up to even more durability. Thankfully, the bottom layer of the heel and the outsole are both made from studded rubber, so you don't have to like, take them elsewhere to get a layer added for protection and traction (something I've had to do with multiple pairs of nice shoes that come with only a leather outsole, which I would walk through too quickly). Note that the manufacturer and the reviewers recommend ordering a half-size up.

    Promising reviews: "I recommend these boots to everyone and get compliments on them often. I’ve worn these for full days of walking and they’re pretty comfortable. They also hold up really nicely and still look like new, even after about a year of wearing them. Best of all, they go with everything." —Emma

    "I've been looking for a high quality classic Chelsea boot for years. So happy I committed to this one!!! No break-in time — and I walked all over Seattle for five days while on a trip enjoying a perfectly comfortable and stylish shoe with no issues (and, believe me, my feet aren't my strong point!!)" —mpstraydog

    Get them from Amazon for $160 (available in eight colors and sizes 5–11, including half-sizes).

    11. Classic Teva Universal Sandals so you can make your feet smile whether you're walking the dog or doing some light hiking on your favorite trails, all through this summer, next summer, and maybe even the summer after that.

    two readers wearing the black foam footbed ankle-strap sandals with strap connecting top toestrap to ankestrap
    baileycbran /

    The below are two readers from when we asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite comfortable sandals

    Tevas hands down!! They make my feet so happy, last forever, and they're very affordable. One of my very favorite brands!baileycbran

    I've had my Teva sandals for almost five years and they're still in great shape. I've walked many miles in them and they are super comfy.


    Get them from Amazon for $49.93+ (available in sizes 5-11 and over 35 colors/patterns), Teva for $50+ (available in sizes 5-12 and 53 colors/patterns/styles), or Zappos for $49.95+ (available in sizes 5-11 and 108 colors/patterns/styles). 

    12. Some Clarks full grain leather, low-heeled pumps because they'll dress up pretty much any look in an instant (be it jeans and a tee or your favorite work skirt) then make it easy to walk or stand as much as you need to without the inevitable aches that come with literally every other pump you own.

    model wearing closed almond-toe black heels

    The heel's that perfect 2.2 inches, which will actually give you some height (unlike, say, a kitten heel), without pushing you to too much height (that classic three inches all pumps seem to be). The sole is made from the company's trademarked ~Ortholite~, which is a type of cushion that both supports and wicks away moisture, which could help out with that slipping and sliding you do in your pumps on hot days.

    Promising reviews: "My wife has been wearing this shoe everyday for a year and it is in great condition. She loves it." —Vincyouth

    "I ordered these off Amazon for a job interview and they arrived the night before. Day of, two Ubers cancelled on me back-to-back, so I had to sprint downtown while wearing these for 20 minutes to get there on time. The first time I walked in these, I literally ran for 20 minutes. And it was shockingly comfortable. These barely felt like heels. They almost felt like flats. And zero damage or irritation to the back of my foot and my toes felt just fine. Seriously comfy and I am someone who HATES wearing high heels, especially after multiple ankle injuries. I can see myself wearing these several times a week all day to work at least!" —Amazon Customer

    Get them from Amazon for $38.48+ (most around $55; available in sizes 5-12 including half-sizes and wide options, and in up to eight colors/patterns). 

    13. Some dressy-ish scalloped Skechers flats reviewers say you barely have to break in at all, so you can enjoy their memory-foam-soled comfort for each and every of those (incredibly impressive!!) 10,000 goal steps you take each and every day.

    reviewer in the almond-toe, scallop-pattern flats in a dark taupe

    Promising reviews: "I purchased another pair of Skechers Cleos in a different color last year and they were easy to break in and held their shape. Easy to wear with jeans or dresses for work. Comfortable and stylish and great for small feet!" —Emily Purvis

    "These are my everyday go-to shoe! They're comfy, roomy and flexible, all in moderation of course, it's not a yoga shoe, but a very great shopping shoe. My foot is on the wide side and they fit without me needing to stretch them." —Pie Lady

    Get them from Amazon for $39.99+ (available in sizes 5–11 including half-size and wide options, and three colors). 

    14. A pair of rainboots that are probably like, a thousand times lighter than the rubbery ones you usually don when you clog through storms, wade through a muddy field, or otherwise need to get your feet wet on the reg. They also leave plenty of space for you to tuck in your jeans and have super traction-y rubber on the bottom sole so you won't slip!

    reviewer wearing bright yellow above-the-ankle single-piece boots

    And when I say light, I mean light: these are Crocs (again! even I'm surprised), so they're made from their trademark super light foamy plastic. The consensus among reviewers seems to be to size down by at least a half size, unless of course you plan to insert orthotic insoles. (Ofc, these are ones you'd definitely want to wear socks with!)

    Promising reviews: "I love these for work, I'm a pet groomer and get soaked daily. They're very easy to hose off after a hairy or poopy mess too. They don't breathe much so your feet will sweat but your feet also stay warm in the colder weather." —Rhiannon Dubinsky

    "These are amazingly water-resistant. I've stepped through inches of mud and puddles of water without anything seeping through. They're easy to clean too. I got them so I could walk my dog through the marshlands my apartments become when it rains — which is very often. They are very comfortable to walk in and fit well. Only minor issue is putting them on/ taking them off since I got them right to size and they are slip ons. Would recommend if you plan on walking through muddy grasslands daily." —Sandra

    Get them from Amazon for $16.54+ (most around $45; available in two colors and sizes 4–11, no half sizes, although some sizes are sold out in some colors).

    15. Or a pair of the original Croc slip-ons, which have been the go-to daily shoe of thousands of people since right after we crossed into the current millennium over 20 years ago and don't show any sign of letting up yet.

    model wearing blue and white swirl tie-dye foam mules with ventilation holes
    Crocs /

    Promising review: "I'm on my fourth pair in this style and love these Crocs. I wear them every day around the house. Three pairs I bought a size larger and I feel like I'm not wearing shoes. The fourth looks more dainty for travel. The inner sole features textured nubs that massage my feet. They feel fantastic, last one to two years of daily wear, and are easy to clean!" —Lyr Lobo

    Get them from Amazon: the tie-dye styles for $45.04+ (available in sizes 4–15 and up to 16 color combos) or the solid-color styles for $44.99+ (available in sizes 4-19 and up to 29 colors). 

    16. Some 3-inch wedges — in addition to their stylishness and versatility, they're so comfortable, supportive, lightweight, and walkable, you won't believe you suffered through the aches and pains of any other high-heeled sandal out there. (Nobody is going to believe you when you reveal their true nature: they're also Crocs!), Amazon

    Promising reviews: "They are so comfortable! This is my second pair. Purchased my first pair five years ago at the outlet store and I'm still wearing them." —Joy Morrow

    "I’ve been wearing them EVERY DAY. If you have fallen arches, the slight heel will help keep your arch supported. I discovered this accidentally several years ago when I had a pair of Clark’s sandals that had a similar heel height and cushioned soles. I wore those out and couldn’t find another comfort heel that looked good so I went back to my Birkenstocks. Now my feet are happy again." —Al

    Get them from Amazon for $46.84+ (available in sizes 4-11 and in two colors).

    17. A pair of Sanuk Yoga Slings so you can enjoy the airy, minimalist, casual feeling of wearing flip-flops but skip the inevitable blisters on the top of your feet from the rubber (which is replaced here with a soft, wide, stretchy fabric) and the clumsy floppiness (which is secured here by straps that fit around your ankle and heel).

    reviewer wearing the flat shoes thong sandals with black soles and black straps

    They're also machine-washable, so even if they get accidentally dirty when you're out ~on an adventure~, you can easily clean them up again. Several reviewers recommend ordering up if you're a half-size! 

    Promising review: "Sanuks are my go-to summer shoe. They are the most comfortable shoe I can imagine. They worked great for full days at Disney World (hello 20,000+ steps/day) and they work great at home too. I wear them everywhere in the summer. All day, everyday unless I need to be super dressed up for work." —DevonD

    Get them from Amazon for $34.95+ (available in sizes 5-11 and up to 10 colors/patterns). 

    18. Some woven-leather Huarache flats because even though they aren't made by some big recognizable brand, reviewers marvel at how quickly the leather stretches to conform precisely to your feet and how comfortable they are to wear day in and day out.

    models feet in flat woven leather sandal/shoes with a light brown finish
    Macarena Collection / Etsy

    The seller recommends ordering your true size if you're a whole size, and sizing down if you're a half-size, and most reviewers agree that's the way to go!  Macarena Collection is a small business based in Buena Park, California, that focuses on a wide variety of huarache shoe styles plus hand-embroidered Mexican clothes and accessories. 

    Promising reviews: "Such a beautiful sandal. Great quality. True to size and conforms to your foot as you wear. One of my favorite things is the leather smell!" —L. Wright 

    "These are my favorite shoes to wear with EVERYTHING. Very satisfied with the fit, as described they stretch." —Kimberly Pulu 

    "I opened them Friday morning and proceeded to wear them all day Friday and Saturday. I am in love and will be purchasing another pair." —Teresa Hollerman 

    Get them from Macarena Collection on Etsy for $39.92 (originally $49.90; available in sizes 5-10 and one color, although their store page has more color and style options). 

    19. Super flexible Saltwater sandals that can take you on a weekend beach trip, backpacking through another country, to and from your favorite snow-cone stand, through the grocery store, and everywhere else you need to go in the warm weather — and still look perfectly new by the time boot season rolls around.

    reader wearing the ankle-strap sandals with three criss-crossing straps on the toes in black on the beach
    denisem41821592a /

    To break them in, first get them good and wet, then wear them to walk around until they dry! 

    These are endorsed both by our readers (This is another standout from when we asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite comfortable sandals!): 

    Saltwater sandals! The day after I got them I did a 5K walk and had no blisters or problems at all. They carried me on a backpacking trip though SE Asia and still look good. Bonus: they're super cute and you can get them in a ton of colours.


    And by reviewers! Although if you're someone like me who really needs arch support, reviewers say these probably aren't the sandals for you. 

    Promising review: "I love these sandals! I bought two pairs last year and wore them to work everyday all summer long and for most of the fall. I just started wearing them again now that spring is on the horizon and they look just as good as the day I bought them. The only place they show any sign of wear is on the bottom of the sole, which is pretty normal in my opinion. I wore them yesterday to run errands and received so many compliments! These sandals are fantastically durable and worth every penny given their longevity." —Tracey C

    Get them from Zappos (available in sizes 6-11 and 14 colors) or Nordstrom (available in big kids sizes 4-9, which translate to women's sizes 6-11, and up to 5 colors) for $47.95. 

    20. Some colorful sneakers crafted with EVA soles, which are known for their durability, so you can feel just as secure slipping 'em on for the 60th time in a row as you do the 120th.

    the sneakers with purple, hot pink, light pink, and orange stripes; the loops for the laces narrow black grids on either side of the shoe, much lower down than typical sneakers
    Domo Ink

    Domo ink is a black-owned, woman-owned, California-based small business run by the artist Dominique Brown! 

    Promising review: "Well-made and comfortable. The colors are just like the picture. These are the perfect warm weather shoes!" —Kathryn Lindrose 

    Get them from Domo Ink for $74.99 (available in women's sizes 5–12+ / men's sizes 5–14; other colors and patterns available on their website). 

    21. A pair of waterproof Reef flip-flops, which have significantly more cushion and support to help keep your feet happy than those thin rubbery ones ever could. Plus the cushioned straps help prevent blistering, even if the shoes get wet!

    Many reviewers recommend sizing up!

    Promising review: "I wear these literally EVERY DAY — those shoes you slip on to dash out the door. If I could live in flip-flops, I would, and these Reefs are the best. Durable, with a slight arch support. I've tried to walk a day in those super flat, super minimal flip flops, and cannot do it. The Reef's have a good cushion, and will last an entire summer or more (depending on how much you wear them, of course). These are my daily, reliable shoe in the summer." —Graciebird

    Get them from Amazon for $34.95+ (available in sizes 5-12 and up to 5 colors).

    22. A pair of time-honored L.L. Bean duck boots because they — unlike your last pair of snow boots that sprang a leak in February — have everything you need to stay cozy through many years of winters.

    two model's feet in the snow, one in a red pair and one a brown pair of the same high-top boot; there's rubber around the toes and bottom third of the shoes
    L. L. Bean /

    That's: a durable molded rubber bottom molded specifically to shed moisture and give you traction in slippery snow, thick and soft cotton flannel lining for warmth, and a full-grain water-resistant leather upper (sourced from the US!) to protect even your ankles from Jack Frost's bite. Y'all, these sell out for a while pretty much every single fall/winter, and for good reason.

    Promising reviews: "I wear my boots primarily commuting in Boston, which means I encounter rain, snow, ice, and puddles daily from December until...May? I walk a mile each way, and these boots are warm and amazingly comfortable given the protection they provide. The tumbled leather meant these boots were soft from day one, no blisters or breaking in the leather. The flannel lining makes them warmer, with the added benefit of being really cute. The foot bed provides enough stability and cushion for walking. I am so very glad I managed to get a pair of these boots." —KKeegan

    "I couldn't be happier with them. The leather is soft and I did not need to break them in. I really like that the lip of the boot is NOT sewed on so it is easier to get your foot in and out. The boots are also very warm." —jkumz

    Get them from L. L. Bean for $119+: the women's (available in sizes 6-11 and 19 styles/colors, including the pictured limited-edition red), the men's (available in sizes 7-14 and 15 styles/colors), or the kid's (available in sizes 2-6 and 2 styles/colors). 

    How your feet will feel every single day, slipping into your favorite pair: