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21 Beautiful Wedding Desserts That Are Better Than Traditional Cake

Have your macarons and eat them, too.

Amy Sefton / BuzzFeed

1. This Rice Krispie Treat wonder, decked out with cherries.

Ashleigh Jayne / Via

You could also frost it!

2. Or this one, which is pre-cut for easier serving.

Darling Mine / Via

You could also make some with Cocoa Krispies for a chocolate "cake."

3. This spiced stack of cinnamon rolls.

One Fine Cookie

Perfect for a brunch wedding! This one's a DIY — see the recipe and instructions here.

4. This ethereal croquembouche.

Sally Pinera / Via

Is croquembouche an alternative to "traditional" wedding cake, or is "traditional" wedding cake an alternative to croquembouche? (Croquembouche is a traditional French pastry that's often served at weddings, probably invented in the 1700s by Marie-Antoine Carême).

5. This strawberry-topped millefoglie.

Stefano Santucci Photography / Via

Again, "traditional" wedding cake is really just an alternative to this giant, round European wedding pastry. See more photos from this Tuscan wedding here.

6. This cake made of stacks of beautiful waffles.

Becca Rillo / Via

For the Leslie Knopes of the world.

7. This drizzled stack of brownies.

This couple bakes the brownies again every year on their anniversary. Read about it (and get the recipe they use) here.

8. This popsicle and champagne bar.

9. These bite-sized fruit tarts.

Laura Gordon Photography / Via

Flaky, creamy, fruity deliciousness.

10. This drizzled tower of doughnuts.

Shannon Elizabeth Photography / Via

Perfect for a brunch wedding, but also perfectly wonderful for an evening affair. See more from this couple's wedding here.

11. This bar stocked with every candy imaginable.

12. This elegant stack of cheeses (plus a handmade pork pie).

Nicola Thompson Photography / Via

For all the cheese lovers (or dessert haters). See more from this wedding here.

13. These beautiful, custom petit fours.

14. This stack of Oreos dripped in icing.

Seneca Epley Photography / Via

If you DIY this, consider using a small dollop of frosting on the bottom of each cookie, so it doesn't come tumbling down if someone accidentally bumps it.

15. This collection of rustic pies.

Nyk + Cali Wedding Photography / Via

A pie for every preference. See more from this couple's wedding here.

16. Same song, new verse: these individually labeled mini pies.

Served on a tiered shelf. Get the recipe for the ginger, peach, and almond pies here.

17. This ice cream sundae bar.

Because summer weddings deserve ice cream.

18. Or this adorable ice cream truck.

19. These cannoli, which can be in a tower or in a giant cannoli shell.

These are made by Criniti's, an Australian Italian restaurant. If you live in Sydney or Melbourne, you can order your own here.

20. This homemade cookie bar with ice cold milk.

21. And, of course, these pastel cupcakes.

Love Like Weddings / Via

With a top layer of cake, so the bride and groom can still freeze and eat it on their anniversary.