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19 Useful Things That Will Actually Organize Your Desk

Make your desk as cute and organized as you are.

Jenny Chang / BuzzFeed

1. A cumulus cloud tray to hold the few things you need most of the time.

Or the things you never really need, but that make you happy to look at. Get it for $20.68 here.

2. An oversized linen and ribbon board that can make your desk like an IRL Pinterest.

To keep everything inspiring right in front of you. Learn how to make it here.

3. An otter to cuddle your roll of Scotch tape.

You ought-er have him keep you company! Get him for $14.99 here.

4. And a little deer to hold your favorite rolls of washi tape.

Get him for $27 here.

5. A collection of wine crates to make quick, rustic shelving.

From here. You can ask your local wine store if they have extra crates available, or order some here.

6. A binder that makes it easy to track all of your bills through the entire year.

Learn how to use the system here.

7. And another binder for filing all of those business cards.

From here. You can get business card dividers for $3.29 here.

8. An oversized pegboard that makes it easy to add and adjust shelves as your needs change.

See how they put this one together here.

9. A mousepad that doubles as a weekly to-do list.

Get one for $12 here.

10. A small box to hold your greeting card and stationery collection.

If you're one of those people who remembers to send cards AND buy cards in advance. Get the tutorial here.

11. A set of paperclips shaped like cute puppies.

Work is so much more fun when it's puppy-fied. $8 for a set of 30 clips, here.

12. An empty salt container turned into a pretty pencil holder.

Using washi tape, of course. Get the tutorial here.

13. A set of drawer organizers made from cereal boxes.

See the full tutorial for it here.

14. An IKEA cart to hold books and other supplies.

Alaina Kaczmarski / The Every Girl

When your desk doesn't have quite enough storage space for all of the swag you want to show off. See more of this styled desk at The Every Girl, and get the cart for $29.99 here.

15. A small, moveable cork board.

Or a set of them. Learn how to make it here.

16. A wire basket to organize all of your computer cords.

See the tutorial here. You can get a similar wire basket for $9.88 here.

17. Or re-useable cable wraps shaped like colored pencils.

$10 for two, here.

18. A catch-all shaped like a chill octopus or a wistful whale.

$24 each, here.

19. An oversized pad of sticky notes to help you plan each and every day.

Get it for $6 here.

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