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    25 Subscription Boxes From Cratejoy You'll Want In Your Mailbox Immediately

    Try new sheet masks, perfect your nail art skills, plant a garden, eat gourmet cookies, and so much more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Coffee and a Classic will let you spend multiple afternoons deep in a good book, with a cup of tea or coffee (and something bookish and fun) for company.

    What you'll get: In the starter box, you'll receive a book, a couple of ~bookish items~, and your choice of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate. Upgrade to the standard box for a book, your choice of drink, a snack, a mug, a bookmark, and one or two bookish items.

    Get the starter box for for $25 per month or the standard box for $38 per month.

    2. The Nailed It Box will send everything you need to build your nail art collection and practice your skills, whether you're a beginner or an Instagram star.

    What you'll get: You'll always get a stamping plate that fits that box's ~theme~ and three sets of water decals. Besides those, you'll get one or two other items like a pack of rhinestones, caviar beads, glitter, tapes, foils, stickers, and sometimes even tools. Oh, and a set of easy-to-follow instructions, of course! You'll just have to provide the polish and top coat yourself.

    Price: $14.95+ per month, plus free shipping in the US.

    3. The Wallflower Box celebrates alone time and the beauty of being an introvert — and gives you treats to make hanging out with yourself even nicer than it already is.

    What you'll get: A selection of organic, cruelty-free bath, body, and beauty items; soy candles; essential oils; books; and snacks; among other things. All full size and high quality.

    Price: $39.95+ for four to six items or $54.95+ for seven to nine items, plus free shipping.

    4. Original Vinyl Records will send you six original records that'll let you explore music like it's the 50s, 60s, and 70s all over again.

    What you'll get: Original vinyl records (not reissues) in genres of your choice, ranging from country to jazz to classical to even kid's music — and you can always request up to three different genres, for true variety.

    Price: It comes in two different levels: $19.99 to choose between six genres including country, 50s-60s crooners and pop, some jazz, and soundtracks and musicals; or $22.99 to choose between six other genres including soul funk, jazz blues, and soundtracks from the 70s and 80s.

    5. Quirky Crate is all about cutesy and fun socks, pins, stationery, and accessories guaranteed to brighten up your day the moment you open the box.

    What you'll get: An enamel pin from a featured artist, a pair of cute socks, stationery and stickers, plus playful accessories and sometimes even home decor — all in fun and bright colors, with a face value of $70+.

    Price: $34.99+

    6. TheraBox (which is actually curated by therapists) combines a therapeutic activity with self-care wellness treats to help you relax and live your happiest life.

    What you'll get: A happiness-boosting activity, plus five to seven organic, natural, and/or consciously-crafted self-care products.

    Price: $34.99+

    7. Bath Bevy takes your ordinary bubble baths to the next level so you can truly feel like a princess every time you turn on the tap.

    What you'll get: Six to ten luxe bath items, including bath bombs, bubble bars, bath salts, body scrubs, handmade soaps, candles, and more.

    Price: $36.95+

    8. Shaker & Spoon gives you almost all the ingredients you need to impress your friends with the tastiest cocktails they've ever tried.

    What you'll get: original recipes from top bartenders and everything you need to make them, except the bottle of booze (each box revolves around just one type of liquor).

    Price: $50+

    9. Accio! curates magical (handmade, artisan) Harry Potter swag you'll actually use and love, based on the house you choose.

    What you'll get: Four to five collectibles, pieces of home decor, candles, and bath/body products, among other things. (Butterbeer tea, anyone?)

    Price: $39.99+

    10. Goddess Provisions pulls together aromatherapy, vegan beauty and bath products, superfood snacks, crystals, and more so you can nurture yourself in all the best ways.

    What you get: Five to seven full-size products worth $60-$90 that could include candles, essential oils, vegan beauty products, teas, snacks, little accessories, and so on.

    Price: $33+ per month.

    11. Ivory Clasp will make sure your handbag's always on point, because you get to choose a new, on-trend one every month (or quarterly, if you prefer).

    What you get: A new purse of your choice! While they don't carry any particular brands, most reviewers are happy with the quality and selection.

    Price: $49+

    12. Treats stocks your shelves with snacks and candy from all around the world, so you never have to open the pantry and sigh at your same old crackers ever again.

    What you'll get: Depending on the size you pick, at least five or at least ten snacks and candies from a different country every month. You might just discover something you really love!

    Price: $13.95+ for the starter pack (five or more snacks), or $25.95+ for the premium pack (ten or more snacks).

    13. Peachy Box delivers lovely little luxuries to your front door, so you can simply open and indulge, no matter how busy your life gets.

    What you'll get: Six to eight full-sized skincare and makeup products, makeup tools, accessories, tasty snacks, and even some home decor items with a total retail value of at least $100.

    Price: $34.99+

    14. Puptown Girl packs a few things for you and a few things for your doggo, so you both get a treat.

    What you'll get: Two or three items for dog moms (like accessories, home decor, and jewelry) and two or three times for the dog (like treats, toys, and ~fashion~).

    Price: $34.99+

    15. Or The Dapper Dog Box sends your perfect pooch toys and treats that'll make their tail wag with joy.

    What you'll get: Five to eight items, including durable toys, natural treats, bowties, bandanas, and sometimes other fun surprises. They also donate a portion of their sales to animal rescues or shelters!

    Price: $29.99+

    16. Paletteful Packs sends all the supplies you need to paint, draw, or sketch a true work of art.

    What you'll get: High-quality art supplies that'll (hopefully!) inspire you to practice and master new mediums and techniques. You can choose between several levels of supplies, so you get something that works for your skill level.

    Price: $23.95+ for the Petite Pack (4-6 items), $29.95+ for the Young Artist pack (4 items specifically for ages 8+), or $34.95+ for the Paletteful Pack (6 or more items).

    17. Smartass and Sass delivers accessories, shirts, and other knickknacks for anyone who's laughing their way through life.

    What you'll get: Five to seven products, ranging from mugs to bags to notebooks to pins to twist crayons and so much more.

    Price: $15.95 for the shirt only, $34.95 for the box only, or $49.95 for the shirt and the box. The shirt comes in sizes small through triple-extra large.

    18. Lush Bites because who DOESN'T need more delicious cookies in their life? And bonus: they're gluten-free.

    What you'll get: A selection of gluten-free cookies, baked in a gluten-free bakery. You can choose between the gourmet assortment, which has flavors like matcha green tea and chocolate chai, or the classic assortment, which includes iced sugar cookies in addition to the two types of gourmet cookies.

    Price: The gourmet half-dozen's $19.99+ and dozen's $30.99+. The classic half-dozen's $23.99+ and dozen's $39.99+.

    19. My Garden Box, which will give basically anyone interested in growing plants a thumb as green as any professional gardener's.


    What you'll get: Either a plant, a planter, and a perfectly portioned amount of soil, or everything you need to put together a specific seasonal project, like a succulent garden or an herb garden — and for both options, specific instructions and tips.

    Price: $21.50+ for the monthly single plant or $38.50+ for the garden projects.

    20. Beauteque Monthly is a dream if you love discovering new Asian beauty skincare or makeup products: they mix and match cult favorites with the latest and greatest.


    What you'll get: You choose between the Mask Maven box, which sends nine different masks each month, and the Beauty Box, which sends six K-Beauty skincare and makeup products. They include informational cards with directions for every product, and have different themes each month.

    Price: $15+ for the Mask Maven, and $24+ for the Beauty Box.

    21. Stick in a Box for all the protein-packed jerky you can possibly consume in a single month.

    What you'll get: Depending on the size box you choose, a selection of gourmet jerky and beef sticks in a variety of flavors that'll expand your jerky palate.

    Price: $15+ for the partial box, $35+ for the full box, or $70+ for the triple box.

    22. Betty Boomerang brings all the joys of ~retro~ modern to your mailbox every other month.

    What you'll get: either two or four-to-five items that reflect the look of mid-century (that's 1950s and 60s-ish) style and art.

    Price: $29+ for two items or $49+ for four-to-five items — and they ship every two months.

    23. Finders Seekers sends you on a new mysterious adventure every month based around a different culture.

    What you'll get: A box of clues that challenges you to figure out a series of puzzles based around a particular city or country, so you get to learn about other cultures and feel the thrill of solving a tough mystery.

    Price: $30+

    24. Hygge Box will help you cultivate moments of coziness and light whether or not you live somewhere it snows all the time.

    What you'll get: Everything you need to enjoy a little hygge life, like hot cocoa mix, candles, string lights, cookies, and sometimes even cozy socks.

    Price: $28+ for 4-6 products, or $39.95+ for 4-6 full-size high-value products.

    25. BloomsyBox is an easy way to get fresh flowers delivered to your home or office each month — or to someone you really care about (who you know appreciates fresh flowers).

    What you'll get: Handpicked bouquets of either seasonal or classic flowers, in whatever size bouquet you choose.

    Price: $43.99+ for the weekly delivery; $39.99+ for the monthly small bouquet, $43.99+ for the monthly medium, or $48.99+ for the monthly large.

    26. SnackSack delivers ~junk-free snacks~ that are actually delicious, especially if you're vegan or gluten-free.

    What you'll get: Between 11 and 15 healthy, tasty snacks to try whenever you're in the mood!

    Price: $22.95+ for the classic, or $24.95+ for the gluten-free and vegan options.

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