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    19 Cozy Bedroom Ideas That Are $30 Or Less

    Snuggle up without breaking the bank.

    1. Loop a dimly glowing bulb and cord kit around a nail for a minimalist alternative to a bedside lamp.

    2. Set a pup-shaped pillow on your reading chair.

    3. Dye this cheap Ikea rug your favorite color, and tuck it next to your bed.

    4. Or order a rug that will make your floor look like the ocean.

    5. Use a hammer and nails to drape a swathe of fabric above your bed.

    6. And make it ~glow~ with a set of net-shaped fairy lights.

    7. Or opt for something more simple and hang basic curtains on either side of your bed.

    8. Nestle a woodland creature night light on your bedside table or bookshelf.

    Even if you don't leave it on all night, your animal friend can light your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night, because she's battery-powered. Get your favorite here for $12.99.

    9. Cover a basic canvas with a thrifted tablecloth for instant fabric wall art.

    10. Or loop yarn over a wooden dowel to make a soft and ~Anthropologie-esque~ wall hanging.

    It's seriously simple, and you can use whatever colors work best with the decor you already have, and trim it in whatever shape you want (and not pay $198). Here's the tutorial.

    11. Pile on more pillows, or recover the ones you already own.

    You can never have too many pillows! But you can always make the ones you have more special by recovering them. The pillow on the left is $30 for the cover and insert here, and the pillow on the right starts at $16 for the cover here.

    12. Pick out a new pair of fun and comfy pillowcases for the pillows you actually sleep on.

    13. Light a bunch of warm candles (and turn off your overhead lights).

    Then relax by ~candlelight~. The handmade soy wax candles start at $11 here, and the reclaimed wood tea light holder is $23 here.

    14. Add yarn pom-poms to a simple blanket.

    15. Display your plants on a minimalist hanging shelf.

    16. Or gather them all on a single shelf by your window.

    17. Decorate with dried plants and flowers if you love green but can't keep plants alive.

    The dried stardust gypsum is $14 here, and the dried amaranth is $18 here.

    18. Wrap your cords in twine so they look like pretty rope instead of eyesores.

    19. Sandwich a small table behind your bed to show off the pile of books you want to read.

    Now go enjoy your extra-cozy room!