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    13 Comfy And Cute Pairs Of Flip-Flops Our Readers Actually Swear By

    ♪ I got my swim trunks and my flippy-floppies ♫

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    We asked the BuzzFeed Community for their favorite pairs of comfy flip-flops, and here are their responses!

    1. Wide-strapped floppies with a specialty footbed that feels like walking on a yoga mat.

    2. Reef Dreams, with little pillowed contours all over the soles so you feel like you're walking on soft clouds.

    3. And all the rest of Reef's flip-flops, which apparently know the secret to immortality.,

    "Reefs. Hands down the best flip-flop ever. They mold perfectly to your foot and last forever. Love love love them."


    Get the cushioned pair with faux-leather snakeskin print straps on Amazon for $20.99+ (8 colors, size availability depends on color) or from Reef's for $38 (4 colors available in whole sizes 5-11).

    If you're looking for something water-friendly, get the rubber pair with the underwater scene from Reefs for $24 (6 designs available in whole sizes 5-11), or similar ones in different prints from Amazon for $11.62+ (11 designs, size availability depends on the design).

    4. Colorful sandals made of heat-activated foam so they conform to your feet without sacrificing arch support.

    Telic /

    "I have Telic flip flops and wouldn't buy anything else. I can wear them all day long. Plenty of cushion and, most importantly, arch support. Not bad for $45."


    Get a pair from Telic for $22.95 or $44.95, depending on the color you choose — some are on sale (19 colors available, most of them in whole sizes 5-12+). Or get them on Amazon for $16.95+ (14 colors, size availability depends on the color).

    5. Sturdy-but-cute flip-flops that Hawaiians and Floridians alike can't get enough of because they're so freaking comfortable.

    OluKai /,

    "I absolutely LOVE my OluKai flip flops! I’m a Florida girl so 90% of my shoes are sandals and if I could wear my OluKais everywhere I would. Yes, they are expensive, but they are SO with it. They feel like my feet are being hugged by a cloud AND they offer good arch support — something I am very particular about since I have high arches and plantar fasciitis.

    And at $65 a pair you can believe they last forever. I bought my first pair in 2012 before I went on a cruise (and wore them all over Key West and the Bahamas mind you) without a problem and only within the past year did I finally have to replace them — not because they were broken, but because they'd started to smell bad in a way I couldn't clean."


    "I live on Maui, so slippers/slippahs (flip-flops, sandals, to everyone on the mainland) are a way of life. These are our walking shoes, our hiking shoes, our going to the grocery store shoes. OluKai is the way to go. Expensive, but the most comfortable slippahs you’ll ever have."


    Get the pair pictured on the left for $90 from OluKai (6 colors available in whole sizes 5-11) or $68.88+ on Amazon (8 colors, size availability depends on the color); and the ones on the right for $65 (18 colors available in whole sizes 5-11) from OluKai or $32.95+ on Amazon (40 colors, size availability depends on the color).

    6. Classic Rainbows that can last through 10 years of summer pool sides, farmer's markets, beach trips, picnics, dance nights, and lazy days.

    7. Basic Dollar Tree flip-flops that do the right job at the right price so you can buy one of every color, or a case to share with all your friends.

    "They come in many colors and designs and don’t need to be broken in. Also, they are a dollar!"


    Get a case of 24 of these summery flippies — 12 of each style — from Dollar Tree for $24. Available in small (5-6), medium (7-8), and large (9-10). Or check out all of the colors and prints.

    8. Cozy, light-weight Crocs you can slip into at the end of a long day as step one of relaxing into the warm evening.

    "My Croc flip flops are the absolute comfiest thing I wear. I work food service and after being on my feet for hours nothing soothes my foot pain better than my Crocs. Forget a warm foot bath, a foot massage, or stretching your feet out with tennis balls! Put on some crocs so your feet will thank you. And they’re relatively cheap, so your wallet will thank you too."


    Get a similar pair onon Amazon for $11.28+ (13 colors, most in whole sizes 4-11, although some availability varies) or from Crocs for $24.99 (5 colors in whole sizes 4-11). Or get an even softer pair from Amazon for $22+ (12 colors, many in whole sizes 4-11, although some availability varies) or from Crocs for $34.99 or $39.99, depending on the color you choose (6 colors, 2 on sale, all in whole sizes 4-11).

    9. Colorful pairs from Old Navy that basically define the standard for fun and inexpensive summertime shoes.,

    "Old Navy flip flops. Every summer they have a sale when they're only a buck! I get a pair in every color. Comfy. Cute. Cheap. Classic."


    "Plain Old Navy 2/$5 flip flops."


    Get the classic solid colors for $2.50 or $3.99, depending on the color you choose (9 colors, 8 on sale; available sizes vary by color but run in whole sizes 5-14). And get the prints for $3.50 (9 patterns available, sizes 5-11).

    10. Haviana Slims, which come in a rainbow of solid colors plus so many different prints — including DISNEY and cats and dogs — it's nearly impossible to choose a favorite.,

    "Haviana Slims are a god send. They are my go-to when I travel and plan on walking long distances. I know they are just flip flops, but they can be life savers for your feet!" —katelynk49172d411

    Get the Disney princess sandals for $21 or $30 (8 styles, 4 on sale; sizes 6-12, although some availability varies); the pets sandals for $28 (choose between cats or dogs, sizes 6-12); and the solid colors for $26 (12 colors available, sizes 6-12) — all from Havianas. Or get different solid colors from Amazon for $6.05+ (22 colors, size availability depends on the color).

    11. This happy-medium style that effortlessly toes the line between ergonomics and feeling like the lightweight flip-flops of your youth.

    "Fit flops. Worth every penny. I have multiple pairs and basically live in them."


    Get them from Fitflop for $31.95 (12 colors available, whole sizes 5-11), or from Amazon for $14.91+ (37 colors, size availability depends on the color)

    12. Fabric-strapped sandals that are good for your feet and the planet: their soles are made from 25% recycled rubber.

    13. Short-hike-worthy flippers with thick foam soles that form to your feet as you wear them, like a gentle cushioned cuddle.


    "The Teva Mush sandals (I like the slightly elevated ones since I’m short and they give me a bit of height). I’ve been excited for spring so I’ve already started wearing sandals, but it’s at least somewhat warm in NM."




    Get them from Teva for $25 (4 colors, whole sizes 5-12) or from Amazon for $11.23+ (21 colors available in whole sizes 5-12, although size availability varies depending on the color.)

    Prefer sandals over flip-flops, or just want more cute summer shoe ideas? Head this way for stylish but comfortable strappy sandals.

    denisem41821592a / Sanuk Sandals

    Or if you're inspired at this very moment, get the Saltwater sandals on the left from Modcloth for $45 (5 colors available, UK sizes 4-9, which translates to US sizes 6-11) and the yoga slings on the right from Amazon for $13.39+ (18 colors, size availability varies depending on the color) or from Sanuk for $38 (whole sizes 5-11, many colors and prints available).

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