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    19 Real-Life Organization Tips That'll Make You Say, "I Need To Do That"

    Smart storage tips and recs.

    Nicole Ench / BuzzFeed

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community, Nifty Home Facebook page, and Nifty Home Newsletter to send us photos of the ways they actually organize their pantries, closets, cabinets, and more. Here are their best ideas!

    1. Hang pot lids on the inside of your cabinet door using two Command Hooks, so you can stack pots and pans *and* easily grab their lids.

    Command Hooks for hanging pots-and-pans lids! —heatherraec

    Get six Command Hooks on Amazon $6.44.

    2. Store both your makeup and medicine on rotating organizers that use the vertical space between taller bathroom shelves.

    Those rotating makeup organizers work great for medicine too. —katrinas490cf8b1d

    Get a similar one from Amazon for $25.99.

    3. If you keep your makeup on a closet shelf, sort it all with clear acrylic boxes and a label maker.

    Kellie Estep / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    The only thing I organize in my house: my makeup collection. Using the Container Store shoe boxes and a sweater box, with letter holders for palettes.

    —Kellie Estep, Facebook

    Get everything from the Container Store: Shoe boxes are $1.89 each, the sweater box is $5.99, and a letter organizer is $5.99.

    4. Turn the inside of a cabinet door into a baking station with a kitchen equivalents chart + more Command Hooks + measuring cups and spoons.

    Brittany Lauren / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    —Brittany Lauren, Facebook

    And keep all of your ingredients in matching boxes, if you like to keep things ultra neat. Get the small, clear Command Hooks on Amazon for $6.44.

    5. And make the inside of your pantry door your ~command station~: hang to-do lists, scissors, or whatever you reach for most often.

    Melody Amber / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    My pantry door! Foil and plastic wrap on hooks, magnetic shopping list/recipe card station, tissue packs to store my napkins and taco packets floating with Velcro. Also, a clear place mat on my table, so I can pop it in the dishwasher with all the dishes! ☺️ —Melody Amber, Facebook

    6. Stack those inexpensive crates from the hardware store on their ends to make a cute bookcase.

    Ashlee Potter / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    —Ashlee Potter, Facebook

    Get them at Home Depot for $9.97 each.

    7. And use 'em as drawers in simple home-built toy storage.

    Jenna Rose Ohl / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    DIY toy storage. —Jenna Rose Ohl, Facebook

    8. Try this Ikea bin hack to make the most of deep, vertical shelf space.

    Cathlyn Ng

    We use these IKEA boxes to organize our pantry. The big box has an inner split storage compartment with a handle that works ok, but we discovered that the slightly shorter box fits perfectly inside the bigger one. —Cathlyn Ng, via email

    Get the big Salma from Ikea for $4.99, and the smaller one for $2.99.

    9. If you cook dinner every night, sort your ingredients for each meal into a separate bin, so it's easy to pull everything out at once.

    Maggie Kornahrens

    Sunday evenings are for meal prep. —Maggie Kornahrens, Facebook

    10. Install an inexpensive Ikea kitchen rail so everything you need to cook is close at hand.

    Shir Koren

    This is my beautiful kitchen! —Shir Koren, via email

    Get the pictured Fintorp rail from Ikea for $9.99 (and the hooks for $2.99), or the Gundtal rail for $7.99 (hooks for $3.99).

    11. Or use *all* your vertical space by hanging a pegboard and a couple accordion racks.

    I have an odd shaped kitchen with limited cabinet space so I hung as much as I could on the walls. —lanishapton

    You can get a pegboard at your local hardware store, and an accordion rack for $23.99 at World Market.

    12. Upcycle old glass jars and use them as bulk food storage, if you're fancy like that.

    Cat Christoph / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    Here is my pantry! Zero waste from the bulk section of my local co-op! —Cat Christoph, Facebook

    13. Repurpose an old bookcase as the perfect little shoe tower.

    Shenai Marie Milner-Fifield / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    An old bookcase turned into a vertical shoe rack for my mum since she has an excess of heels. —Shenai Marie Milner-Fifield, Facebook

    It looks like they added extra shelves so they're each heel height (a bookcase might have more space between the shelves).

    14. Illuminate a dark closet with a few inexpensive LED lights.

    Berenice Carrizales / Via

    Buy $10 LED lights and make the closet SHINE! 😎 —Berenice Carrizales, Facebook

    Get a set of three motion-sensing, stick-anywhere LED lights on Amazon for $11.89.

    15. Transform your linen closet or bathroom closet with the help of a few baskets.

    Jadira Breault Hendley / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome, Olivia Hill / Facebook / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    —Jadira Breault Hendley, Facebook

    Linen closet 🙂 —Olivia Hill, Facebook

    16. And if your pantry's big enough, sort everything into baskets there, too.

    Julie Dykema / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    This is how I like to organize a pantry: clean and bright! —Julie Dykema, Facebook

    17. Over-door shoe organizers make the perfect home for dolls and small stuffed animals.

    Julie Dykema / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    Toys! —Julie Dykema, Facebook

    That way, the toys don't take over ~your~ home. Get one on Amazon for $7.87.

    18. Or splurge on a fancy organizer that mounts to your wall or your door and can be customized to whatever you need.

    Julie Dykema / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    Baby girl bows for days 🎀 —Julie Dykema, Facebook

    Get a similar organizer from the Container Store for $93.40.

    19. Hang hooks on the walls and inside the doors of your closet to use every. Inch. Of space.

    Pornpan May Kaeomungkhun / Via Facebook: BuzzFeedNiftyHome

    My closet been the pain for months. Finally found the method that works for me. —Pornpan May Kaeomungkhun, Facebook

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