14 Tips That Will Make Doing Thanksgiving Dishes So Much Easier

    Make your kitchen work for you.

    1. Wash all of your dish towels the day or night before, so you know you won't run out.

    2. Get yourself a bench scraper before the big day.

    3. And a garbage bowl, which will save you time cooking AND cleaning.

    4. Line any and all slow cookers before you start adding any ingredients to them.

    5. Add 2 cups of water to your roasting pan before you let the turkey do its thing in the oven.

    6. Or, completely cover your roasting pan with foil before you put the turkey on it.

    7. Before you cook anything in a dish that isn't covered in foil, spritz the pan down with cooking spray.

    8. Line a cup with foil before you start cooking, and use it as your grease-dump spot through the whole cooking process.

    9. Set out a dish tub full of hot, sudsy water before you start cooking, and drop dirty dishes in there as you go.

    10. If you don't use disposable cutlery, have everyone put their silverware in a colander when they clear their place.

    11. Follow this guide to make sure you're loading your dishwasher as efficiently as possible.

    12. When you're ready to start hand washing, start with the cleanest, least-greasy dishes first.

    13. If you have an incredibly dirty pot or pan with cooked on gunk that just won't come off, try boiling a water and baking soda mixture in it.

    14. Have a plastic pan scraper or some other non-scratch way to clean your pans nearby.

    You can make your kitchen work for you!