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27 Brilliant Home And Decor Projects You Can Make Yourself

This is not a drill! (But you will need one for these projects.)

Charlotte Gomez / BuzzFeed

1. Put together a custom centerpiece perfect for displaying your garden's best blooms.

This one's cut down to a square with mitered corners, but you could also make it one long piece. Get the tutorial here.

2. Or use the same mitering technique to make a wooden tabletop planter.

With this design, you make a hexagon instead of a square, but same diff. Get the tutorial here.

3. Make a ladder display for your favorite throws and blankets (for less than $25, too).

One day you may run into the ~perfect~ vintage ladder at the ~perfect~ price at your flea market, but until that day, you'll have this affordable DIY version. Here's the tutorial.

4. Assemble just a few simple materials and cuts to make this homemade garden or porch bench.

It looks like you could have spent $200 on it at Pottery Barn. Except you didn't. Here's the tutorial.

5. Paint your child's teacher (or your teacher!) a gift they'll use for years to come.

It's very similar to the flower vase in number one, so if you can do one, you can do both! Here's the tutorial.

6. Decorate your living room or bedroom with your oversized wooden monogram.

This project also uses 1x3s, and should probably not be the first project you try when you experiment with woodworking. But it's awesome, once you master mitered corners. Learn how to make them here.

7. Screw together some quick extra seating for your kitchen.

Buy four studs, make two counter stools! Here's the tutorial.

8. Stack up a homemade giant Jenga set.

A super satisfying project that only requires knowing how to saw wood (although it goes much faster if you have a table saw). Learn how to do it here.

9. Set up your ultimate bath time retreat — or an easy-reach bathing station for all the kids' shampoos and soaps.

It works for both — here's the tutotiral.

10. Slice the wood horizontally, and use it as tile to build a decorative flag.

Of course, you could paint it however you wanted — it doesn't have to be DIY Americana. Here's how to do it.

11. Or, use thinly-sliced wood and instead of tile when you re-do your kitchen or bathroom.,

You should be pretty dang comfortable with DIY projects before you take this one on, but it's also just really cool to look at. Get the tutorial here.

12. Connect several 1x6 boards together to make a custom headboard for about $60.

The plans in the tutorial use 1x4 boards for the back and support of the planks, but if you already have 2x4s around your house, they'd work just as well. Here's how to make it.

13. Connect a thrift store headboard and footboard to make a custom bench.

You'll use 1x3s to make the seat, but 2x4s will hold everything together and upright. Learn how to do it here.

14. Replace the top of a beat-up piece of thrifted furniture and paint it so it matches your home.

This tutorial uses 1x6s, but it's another project that you could easily replace with 2x4s; your tabletop would just be an inch higher.

15. Nail scraps together to make an inexpensive (and custom) tabletop candle lantern.

Of course to stay safe, you'll want to make sure to use flameless candles, or that the flames of real candles are far enough away from the wood. Learn how to build this one here.

16. Build a narrow plant stand to keep your green friends in their favorite sunbeams longer.

It's a little narrow to serve as a bench for you or me, but it's perfect for displaying your plants. Learn how to make one for yourself here.

17. Create a sturdy base for a home-grown farmhouse table.

The top is made from 2x12s, but the base is entirely studs, stud. Learn everything you need to know to make it here.

18. Stain a bunch of the boards, and dig out a little earth, then set them up as a pathway.

Get the full tutorial here.

19. Save cash on pricey patio furniture and build a set for yourself.

Eight 2x4s later, and you're in business. Here's the tutorial.

20. Put everything together and add cushions to make a cozy outdoor sofa.

Learn how to make this super simple version here.

21. Nestle your phone somewhere that doesn't look like it jumped out of your local Best Buy discount bin.

This is also a great project to use up any extra wood that you might have lying around. Learn how to make it here.

22. Sand and coat with poly, then use them as the tabletop for your midcentury modern living room.

The hairpin legs are by far going to be the priciest part of this project, and they're not that expensive. Get the full tutorial here.

23. Or, use them to build the base of a coffee table, and top it with a thrifted mirror.

Beach house chic on a budget — read more about how to do it yourself here.

24. Paint your scraps differently on each side to make reversible holiday decor that can stay up from November through January.

They're awesome centerpieces for a mantle, or anywhere that they'd be up against a wall. Get the tutorial here.

25. Tie the lights together in a triangle shape to make a tented hideaway for you, your kiddo, or at least your dog.

This tutorial uses rounder logs, but 2x4s would definitely work (they'd just look rougher — in which case, paint them)!

26. Use the boards as supports to hang the shelves in your bedroom.

It's much easier than you think it is — here's the tutorial.

27. Let the wood stay unfinished, and use it as massive, cheap shelving in your garage.

Holiday decorations, organized. Here's the tutorial.