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    28 Low-Effort Ways To Actually Keep Your Fridge Clean And Organized

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    1. Empty everything out (especially if you haven't in a while!) then wipe down the inside of the door, the shelves, and the drawers with an all purpose cleaner so you can start with a completely clean slate.

    2. If they fit, you can also probably wash your fridge shelves in the dishwasher. Just avoid the heat dry cycle if there are any plastic parts, and make sure to let everything come to room temperature before starting the cycle.

    3. Banish any lingering unpleasant odors with a charcoal purifier. All you have to do is set on a shelf and let it work its stench-absorbing magic.

    4. When you put everything away again, store it according to your refrigerator's ~zones~, because different parts of the fridge will have slightly different temperatures and humidity levels.

    5. Cover your shelves with non-adhesive liners so if there's a major spill, you can pull out and clean the liner instead of the entire piece of glass.

    6. You can also try covering them in Press 'n' Seal wrap, then tossing it if you discover a cemented-on sticky spot.

    7. Easily access everything you have stashed at the very back of each of your shelves with a set of pull-out storage bins. They're also simple to pull out and clean in case of a leak or spill because they a) will contain the mess and b) are much easier to wash than the entire shelf.

    8. If you have a particularly narrow shelf or a tiny fridge, a dual-sided bin can work wonders to make every last square inch of storage space accessible and functional.

    9. And apply decals to your most-used bins so everyone who opens your fridge knows where to find everything and where to put things away.

    10. Designate one bin as an "Eat Me First" box to help reduce food waste and to create a one-stop spot to double check for what may need to be thrown away.

    11. And, whether you have kids or simply want to snack a little healthier yourself, keep pre-portioned snacks in another easy-access bin.

    12. Never forget about those condiments stashed in the back again — put them all on a Lazy Susan, and your favorite kimchi will only be a quick spin away from your roommate's hot sauce.

    13. Quit throwing away moldy strawberries and wilted spinach (and cleaning up the aftermath it leaves on your shelves) by storing them in filtered containers that will genuinely keep everything fresh for almost two weeks.

    14. Repurpose the bottom half of an empty cardboard egg carton so all of your mostly-empty condiments and bottles stay ready to use at any given moment.

    15. Then once they're 98% empty, scrape out all the last bits with a mini spatula so you can enjoy every bite of food you paid for. That lets you immediately recycle the container, instead of putting it back in the fridge mostly-empty.

    16. Divvy up your wide produce drawer with expandable organizers so you can kiss your days of digging for the parsley beneath a pile of carrots goodbye.

    17. Avoid cross-contamination by storing your raw meat and fish in its very own bin or drawer, away from everything else.

    18. Save part of a package of bacon in this sealing saver, so you can easily peel off and cook just a few pieces at a time.

    19. Package all your meal prep or last night's leftovers in super transparent, shatter-resistant, leak-proof, air-tight containers so you know exactly what you have on hand in a single glance.

    20. Transform the side of one shelf into a miniature wine chiller with a sturdy stacking rack.

    21. And easily monitor your supply of beer, seltzer, or soda with this crystal-clear can holder — the cans will always roll to the front, making them easy to grab.

    22. Or get a single organizer that efficiently stacks basically any kind of bottle you happen to have at the moment, including soda/seltzer/beer cans, beer bottles, (reusable) water bottles, and wine...and all of them at once, if that's what you need.

    23. Close up partly-finished wine bottles with a vacuum sealer that both keeps your wine fresh and makes it easy to stash that bottle on its side in your fridge.

    24. Take full advantage of any magnetic surfaces on the inside of your fridge by attaching magnets to the bottom of small plastic containers.

    25. Pledge (with the help of an old t-shirt) cleans and polishes your stainless steel in a single, quick, satisfying step.

    26. Or if you prefer to wipe down your stainless daily or weekly, opt for a spray cleaner that'll have your fridge shining in less than a minute. All you have to do is spritz it a few times, then wipe down with the included microfiber cloth.

    27. If you find it terribly annoying that you have to constantly wipe down the fridge's door handles — why can't the people you live with not resist opening and closing it with sticky fingers??? — consider some machine-washable handle wraps.

    28. Depending on your model, brushing off your refrigerator coils could help it use less power to keep your food cold, saving you money in the long run.

    Now if only you had a magic spell that would instantly teach everyone you live with to keep everything sparkling!

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