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24 Questions We Have For Clean Freaks

Seriously, though.

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1. Why do you get upset when there are just a few dishes in the sink?

It's not like they're going to be there forever.

2. And why do you inspect all of the clean dishes to make sure they're really clean?

5. What are you going to do if you ever have children?

It's not like you can keep them from making messes.

6. Why do you impulse buy pretty cleaning supplies?

9. Why do you insist on taking the garbage out half-full?

See what can happen to the big trash can when it's almost empty?

10. Why do you judge us when we turn down your hand sanitizer?

Maybe we just washed our hands, you don't know.

11. What on earth makes you think you need to wash your dishwasher?

OMG it washes itself every time you run it.

12. How much white vinegar do you go through every year?

I know you buy it by the 2-gallon jug.


14. Do you really need to wipe down the top of the cabinets with bleach?

I really don't think there are cold viruses hiding up there.

15. Does cleaning your iron every time it gets a little grimy really make it easier to get the wrinkles out?

16. Why do you insist on spraying Pledge on everything?


17. Does a toothbrush ~really~ scrub out more gunk than a normal cleaning cloth would?

18. Can't clean laundry go for just a few days without being folded and put away?

19. Why is vacuuming your car every single week even worth your time?

Seriously, it's not that dirty.

21. Why do you go around throwing away other people's trash?

When your mom makes you collect all the water bottles in your room because "you have too many" Count: 28

Maybe I was saving that cereal box for a reason!

23. Why do you insist on keeping your cleaning supplies so organized?

And wiping down your spray bottles?

24. And, by the way, where the hell did you put my shoes?

I know I left them in the living room, and now they've disappeared.

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