19 Tiny Plants To Cheer Up Your Sad Work Desk

    (And also pretty planters.)

    1. This teensy vintage bucket of succulents.

    2. These mini aloe Kokedamas wrapped in neon.

    3. These loftily suspended air plants.

    4. This sweet little Platycerium Lemoinei.

    5. This tough little prickly pear.

    6. This badass skull air plant holder.

    7. These nano Marimos who are content to be their fuzzy little selves all day long.

    8. These little lava rocks that snugly fit a mini plant.

    9. And the three donkey tails that would love to roost in each of the little rocks.

    10. This DIY gnome home with baby lichen.

    11. This handmade desert terrarium.

    12. And this mini silver ball cactus who wants to call the terrarium home.

    13. This beautiful mini garden in a seashell.

    14. Or this gorgeous one that's just the right size for a small windowsill.

    15. This cheerful little owl with air plants growing out of his head.

    16. This mod colorblocked planter that will hold a cactus to defend you from your enemies.

    17. Or this wild and crazy colorblock planter.

    18. These crystalized air plants that'll give you some extra creative energy at work.

    19. And this loving little echeveria duo in red and blue.