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    27 Cheap Office Supplies That'll Make You Look Fancier Than You Really Are

    Treat yourself for $25 or less.

    1. A set of six wire clips so you'll feel a little happier when you have to deal with those less-than-interesting reports and files.

    2. A gorgeous marbleized blue and gold glitter mouse pad that looks like it was sliced out of a mystical stone.

    3. And a gold-accented mouse because work's easier to do if everything that surrounds you appeals to your glamorous side.

    4. A rose gold Post-It dispenser so even your afternoon to-do lists feel extra fabulous.

    5. A set of three "diamond"-crowned pens to make every note you take positively regal.

    6. A pack of 12 red-carpet worthy file folders perfect for corralling all of those piles of papers.

    7. Or 12 striped and dotted folders with brushed metallic gold accents that still make a statement, but a (slightly) more subtle one.

    8. And a pack of eight coordinating pencils so lovely no one would dare sneak off with one; you'd be able to spot your treasured utensil from a mile away.

    9. A mini bunny humidifier who's equal parts cute and Vogue-worthy, and who just wants to help you cope with your office's desert-like atmosphere.

    10. A faceted copper tape dispenser both beautiful enough to coordinate with all your other metallic bling and functional enough that you'll actually be able to use it.

    11. A faux-marble dispenser filled with gold paperclips that will make at least one corner of your slightly blah cubicle look chic.

    12. A shiny stapler — putting the finishing touch on the weekly meeting agendas has never felt so sophisticated.

    13. A terrazzo or two-tone notebook so you can document each and every one of your marvelous ideas.

    14. A protective Macbook case all your friends will "ooh" and "ahhh" over.

    15. Or a terrazzo vinyl skin because three of those friends already have a marble case, and you want something a little different, but still v. luxe.

    16. A pair of rose gold scissors that don't sacrifice quality for style — their 3.5-inch stainless steel blades will stay sharp through countless opened packages and assembled presentation boards.

    17. A set of stickies inspired by the most opulent Italian architecture Venice has to offer.

    18. A pair of mini agate bookends because if anything deserves a fancy accessory in your office, it's your favorite books.

    19. A literal tub of bright gold binder clips with ~superior holding power~ so you can glam up your files without worrying the papers will cascade everywhere.

    20. A five-piece organizer set in rose gold wire for that minimalist-meets-glam mood.

    21. A set of faux-leather, marble-look coasters so your iced coffee can have a designated throne of its own.

    22. A set of three refillable ballpoint pens you'll reach for time and time again to elegantly record your thoughts.

    23. And a pack of three timeless art deco notebooks that couldn't coordinate better if they tried.

    24. An expanding file folder that, while it can't make sorting important papers exciting, will at least make everything look nice.

    25. A daily planner because there's nothing more valuable than your time, and this will help you keep track of it.

    26. A minerals or wildflowers poster so you have something beautiful to gaze at when you take short eye breaks from staring at your monitor.

    27. This dry erase board because your office door or cubicle wall should 100% coordinate with all your new decor.

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