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    27 Cheap Things That'll Help Your Entire Home Look Fancier Than It Really Is

    Gorgeous finds, each and every one $30 or less.

    1. A striped damask sheet set made of silky-soft microfiber so you can fall asleep a princess and wake up a queen.

    Light purple striped sheets on bed

    2. And a plush, velvety blanket to layer on top to keep your winter nights cozy and luxe like a suite in a high-end Vegas hotel.

    3. A 78" roll of marble contact paper you can carefully apply to basically almost anything — countertops, old bar carts, fireplace tiles, Ikea coffee tables, dollar store trays, and so much more — to give it a dazzling new finish.

    4. And a roll of removable peel-and-stick wallpaper because it makes it easy to create a high-design accent wall without spending the high-design cash...and all over the course of a single weekend, or less.

    5. A set of three floating bookshelves that will transform all your favorite novels and cookbooks into works of art you can enjoy every single day.

    three stacks of books seeming to float on the wall above a couch

    6. An elegant faux-fur throw with a sherpa underside so you can channel your inner Sansa Stark through the seemingly endless nights of winter.

    throws in light brown, dark brown, and grey, each with a faux-sherpa reverse side

    7. A collapsible but sturdy rope-handled fabric bin ideal for storing things like your throw and those decorative pillows you love...especially if you know the other people you live with will just let everything fall on the floor.

    two bins in green and white lattice print, filled respectively with magazines and knitting

    8. A macramé plant hanger that's the first step in making all your bohemian-maximalist dreams come true.

    9. A pack of furniture decals so you can upgrade your just-blah chest of drawers into something that looks custom and hand-painted on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

    Black sideboard covered in red, yellow, and orange illustrated poppy flower decals

    10. A set of two pocket wall shelves because you can install each one in three different configurations, depending on whether you want to set up a display or simply use it to make the place you drop your mail look a little fancier.

    right-angled magazine-organizer-like shelves with multiple curved copper arches connecting the two sides to form a pocket

    11. Or an easy-hang ledge shelf (thanks, Command Strips!) that you can use for instant custom shelving wherever you might need it, whether you're building a gallery wall, displaying kids books, or need a better spot for your spices or skincare products.

    Reviewer's nursery with a recliner and three black ledge shelves on the wall behind, displaying books

    12. A 20-piece set of rainbow or rose-gold flatware because whether you're sitting down at a dinner party or just reheating some leftovers, you're wayyy overdue for an upgrade over that hand-me-down set from your parents.

    13. A copper or marble utensil holder — your go-to spoons and spatulas deserve a little upgrade, too.

    14. A mirrored vanity tray perfect for corralling (and ~displaying~) all your favorite beauty products and perfumes in one place.

    Rectangular tray with two-inch gold railing around the sides, so you can see the cosmetics on it easily

    15. An acrylic organizer to sort your entire (small to medium-ish) makeup collection in a way you can actually see everything — which means you might actually use everything, too.

    clear organizer with three rows of bottom drawers and slotted lipstick and other storage on top

    16. Blackout velvet curtains — you won't be able to resist touching them every time you walk by because they're just that soft.

    Reviewer's nursery corner windows hung with three floor-to-ceiling blue velvet curtains

    17. A two-level jewelry box, which lets you store all of your favorite pieces like they're on display at your favorite boutique, all while the box sits there looking gorgeous on your vanity.

    The velvet-lined box in grey

    18. A set of three remote-controlled adhesive puck lights so you can install the under-cabinet lighting of your dreams on the cheap and in under an hour.

    19. A minimalist tissue box cover that will give your Kleenex a little well-designed home of their own.

    all-white house-shaped cover, tissues come out of the chimney to look like smoke

    20. A complete set of gold cooking utensils (that are in fact dishwasher-safe!) because every kitchen countertop needs a little bit of bling.

    the all-gold utensil set

    21. A cutting board made from pure marble so even if you're never getting all-marble countertops, your cheese plates can all look incredibly delicious and luxe.

    White Marble rectangular cutting board with a wedge of cheese and some grapes

    22. A vintage-style gemstone poster on a wooden hanging rod perfect for that one empty wall that you know needs something but you just haven't been able to figure out what.

    poster with colorful illustrations of 27 different minerals and gems

    23. A set of decals for your most-used bins so you can feel like a Professional Organizer every time you open your fridge, and so everyone knows where to find everything and where to put things away.

    fridge with plastic bins labeled with black bold easy-to-read cursive

    24. A nine-foot strand of battery-powered fairy lights on copper wire to create the Wonderland-worthy warm glow of your dreams without dropping piles of your hard-earned cash.

    Jars and a plant glowing with the lights

    25. An over-the-door storage basket that's made to hold basically everything you need to do your hair, no counter space required. You can have the decorated, neat, and functional bathroom you've always wished for.

    storage basket with hooks for a curling iron, a round slot for a hair dryer, and a loop for a round brush

    26. A copper grid organizer — you can either hang it above your desk to hold all your ~inspiration~ pieces, or mount it in your kitchen to keep your favorite tools and utensils close at hand.

    the large organizer on a wall, with 7 postcards clipped to it, and three measuring cups hung on it with s-hooks

    27. And for your exterior: a set of carriage door magnets that will give your garage door an instant makeover even the Queer Eye guys would swoon over.

    You to your home, after finding a few beautiful little upgrades to give it:

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