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    27 Super Cheap And Easy Ways To Improve Your Sleep

    Small changes, better zzzzs.

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    1. Figure out how many hours of sleep you actually need every night — eight hours may be the most common recommendation, but every body's different.

    2. And establish a bedtime and sleep routine that works with your goals, habits, and sleep preferences.

    3. Which means going to bed and waking up at around the same time basically every single day, including the weekends.

    4. Turn your thermostat down so your bedroom's around 65 to 67 degrees.

    5. Or at least sleep with a fan on so you *feel* a little cooler. Plus its white noise may be enough to mute out any distracting background sounds so you can actually relax.

    6. If you need even more serious white noise than a fan can provide, consider getting a white noise machine to completely drown out any sounds that might disturb your slumber.

    7. If white noise doesn't cut it (or if you just don't like it, or are looking for an even more budget-friendly option), try using earplugs to completely block out any sounds.

    8. An hour or so before bedtime, turn off your brightest overhead lights and instead use warm-light lamps, to help signal your body that it's time to wind down.

    9. You can even get a plug-in dimmer switch to tone-down the brightness of any non-LED plug-in light, so your living room and bedroom can be extra cozy.

    10. And (I'm sorry, I know this is hard) ...turn off the TV, close your laptop, and put down your phone.

    11. If you use your phone as an alarm, consider charging it in another room and using an actual alarm clock, instead.

    12. Basically, when it comes time to go to sleep and sleep through the night, you want your room as completely dark as possible.

    13. If for some reason that's not gonna happen, you can ~simulate~ a dark room using a sleep mask — this one even lets you open your eyes without letting any light in.

    14. Figure out a pillow that works best for the sleep positions you like the most so you're more comfortable all night long (and don't wake up with weird neck- or headaches).

    15. If you suffer from chronic pain, try to sleep in a position that might help minimize it.

    16. And if you're a side sleeper, try a memory-foam knee pillow to help relieve any back pain you have.

    17. Make your room smell like something (anything, really) that makes you feel happy and relaxed.

    18. As much as you can, don't keep anything in your bedroom that causes you even the smallest amount of stress, and think about it as a ~sanctuary~.

    19. And stop using any bedding that isn't incredibly comfortable — if it's scratchy, too hot, or frustrating (like the sheets that won't stay on the mattress), it's outta there. Replace it with comfy stuff so you can sleep your best.

    20. If you sleep with a partner, consider swapping your huge duvet for two twin comforters (and top sheets, if you're the top-sheet type) to end your cover quarrels once and for all.

    21. Prove to your partner that they snore with this app that tracks (and records) snoring, then figure out a strategy that will help both of you sleep better.

    22. Keep an evening gratitude journal where you write down (by hand!) at least one thing you're grateful for in that moment.

    23. Masturbate or have sex.

    24. Try sipping a tea made with valerian, an herbal supplement that many people swear helps them relax and actually doze off.

    25. Or consider taking a small dose of melatonin, a different supplement that can help support sleep.

    26. You can also try a simple yoga routine to stretch out your body and help you focus on your breath.

    27. And on the nights when nothing seems to work, find a cozy place outside your bed (and ideally, your bedroom) to retreat to when you have trouble sleeping.

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