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29 Incredibly Clever Laundry Room Organization Ideas

Dirty clothes beware.

1. Hang up a change jar to collect all the spare coins you find in your pockets.

2. Or, enlist a piggy bank to help turn that spare change into savings.

3. Turn an outdoor box into a mini trash can for lint.

4. Pin your socks together right before you toss them in the hamper.

5. Still losing socks? Make a "Save Dobby" lost sock jar.

6. You can also hang up a little lost-sock clothes line.

7. Hang your ironing board on two attractive hooks.

8. If your room is too small for an ironing board, make a DIY version that fits on top of the dryer.

9. Slide a slim cart into the tiny space between your washer and the wall.

10. Hang an over-the-door rack on the inside of your laundry room door to store laundry and other cleaning supplies.

11. Decant your detergent into a beverage dispenser and avoid heavy lifting.

12. You can also decant your fabric softener.

13. Store pods and powder detergents in glass penny candy jars.

If you have little kids, though, make sure they're stationed well out of reach (you don't want them thinking those colorful pods are ACTUALLY candy). Get a similar jar here for $9.99. From here and here.

14. Keep socks and other top-of-the-washer clothes from falling off with one of these Laundry Guards.

15. DIY-savvy? Build a removable butcher block countertop to cover your front loaders completely.

16. ~Helpful~ roommate or partner always changing out laundry for you? Write down any line-dry items with a dry erase marker on the washer lid.

17. Print out and frame this laundry guide so you always know what the symbols on your tags mean.

18. Speaking of line dry: hide retractable clothes lines in a cabinet, then stretch them across to the opposite wall when you need them.

Also tucked in a corner: a glass penny candy jar, this time holding clothespins. From here.

19. Spruce up a basement laundry room by staining the concrete floor.

See how they did this here.

20. Build yourself some industrial shelving, if you're feeling up for a challenge.

21. Put together a stain station, with all the tools you need to get out every possible stain.

22. Repurpose an old crib into a drying rack.

This tutorial uses a crib's springs, and this one uses one side of a crib.

23. Or, you can build your drying rack from scratch.

Here's one that hangs from two pegs, and here's one that mounts to your wall.

24. OR, just buy one. If you're tight on space, one mounted on pulleys can make things feel a little less crowded.

25. Separate your colors well ahead of time by using designated hampers.

26. But if you really hate sorting, you can add vinegar to each load you wash, and wash lights and colors together.

27. Managing laundry for a big household? Build a laundry sorter to hold everyone's basket.

28. Take the basket organization system one step further and label each basket with a name.

Read more about this mom's laundry system here.

29. Lack shelf space for your baskets or a rolling cart? Mount a wire shelf upside-down above your machines to make them easy to reach.

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